Tuesday, March 9, 2010

3.9.10 - give and get

i volunteered today at a center to spend time with children who had AIDS or were children of parents who had AIDS.

i came with an agenda (the give a day, get a day disney program) and i left with such a grateful heart that i wanted to come back and take my son with me just to be able to spend time with these kids.

i told this one kid - jesse - who was probably around the same age as my son - that the star on his hat was there to remind him that his smile can brighten anyone's dark night... just like the stars do.

he had the biggest smile on his face when i said this and said thanks for the hat and gave me a hug.

my heart melted. kids are amazing. =]

i came to give a little of my time to get a disney ticket...and i left receiving more than i thought i would. i left receiving a big smile that brightened my dark night.

disney should've titled it - 
"give a day... and get SO MUCH MORE than a disney ticket back."