Friday, February 19, 2010

in ONE day.

i wrote this the other day on my post give it up:
  • Reality can tell me: i dont have a place to live in
  • i will choose to say: He is my shelter & my refuge.
  • Reality can tell me: the situation i am in is stressful & worrysome
  • i will choose to say: be anxious for nothing, do not worry
  • Reality can tell me: i am alone in carrying this weight.
  • i will choose to say: cast all cares to Him because He cares for me.
  • Reality can tell me: there is no provision as of the moment
  • i will choose to say: He is my Provider. My Jehovah Jireh. The provision is already there.
Yesterday the provision came. - i now have a place to live at.

in ONE day.... something changed.

yes, God can turn a situation around in a day.

time and time again, He has shown & proven to me that He is able.

the problem is not about His faithfulness and ability to answer our prayers...

the real problem & the test of time is the attitude of our hearts while waiting for Him to answer us.

when things aren't going our way... when life doesn't go as planned....

will our attitudes be full of faith speaking life to circumstances and situations, even if it seems like it's never going to happen and things aren't getting better?

or will our hearts be full of doubt, unbelief, and fear?

it's so much easier to walk by sight.

the harder route is to make a choice to daily walk by faith.