Sunday, February 14, 2010

in the middle of it all.

i've been EXTREMELY busy and tired this past week. if it isn't obvious from my daily pics, i'm currently packing and moving right now.

i've been given 2 weeks to get out of my apartment and look for a new place to stay (looooong crazy story that isn't even my fault...this move is so unexpected and i was so surprised to find out about this).

anyway, my life has been revolved around packing and sorting and packing and packing some more as well as trying to look for a new place to stay and dealing with my parent's divorce. that's why i haven't really had the time to sit and write my heart out.

in the middle of all this crazy-almost-chaotic things that have happened though, i did a guest blog post for valentine's day. hopefully you can check it out.

happy LOVE day everyone. =] 
celebrate life. celebrate love.

P.S. please be praying for grace and strength for me during this time. i need it so bad. thanks.