Thursday, February 25, 2010

dying to live.

worshiping God with outstretched hands

looks a lot like a silhouette of a cross.

a cross is a picture of death. of pain. of the end.

that is happens when i worship.

in worship, i give Him praise and thanksgiving because He is worthy

but it is also a picture of surrender.

of outstretched hands saying "take me".

this life is not my own.

in worship, i choose to die to myself...daily.

my own wants. my own desires. my own goals. my own dreams.

when i die to me...i find that it is the only time i learn how to truly live.

He died in order that i may have LIFE and have it abundantly.

what an amazing God i serve.

the proper response to such a Love

is to come to the end of myself daily.

to completely empty me of myself,

and fill myself up with Him

till my cup overflows.

*pic taken from homespashop