Monday, January 18, 2010

i have a dream.

today is martin luther king day.

to commemorate him and his life, i read several websites last night regarding his life, his family, his dream, his passion and was thoroughly inspired.

this man had a dream.... a dream that was selfless. a dream that involved the betterment of society. a dream that was motivated out of love and hope and freedom. a dream that was God given and had given God glory. a dream worthy of sharing to the next generation. his dream made such a huge impact that millions of others had benefited from his dream.

i look at the dreams of my generation today and i am heartbroken. everyone i know has dreams and aspirations. but most of those dreams are for selfish gain.

to have more money and become RICH.
to be famous and well-known.
to make it BIG as an actor/model/scriptwriter in hollywood.
to have a house on the hills, drive a benz, marry a beautiful person.
to be a well-known director, pastor, author, speaker, photographer, dancer, etc.
to be a wealthy businessman/woman.




everyone i know has fallen into that trap.
i've fallen into that trap many times as well.

i realized that i had to check my heart and see the motivation behind my dreams. i don't want to be greedy. i don't want to be selfish. i don't want fame for myself. i want other people to benefit from my dreams. i want to be able to die and say that my dreams made a lasting impact, not just in my life but for the next generation as well. i want God to get ALL the glory for my dreams.

dear friends, it's time we start to think about our dreams & ask ourselves these questions:

is your dream God given? is your dream motivated to give love & hope to others? will your dream give God ALL the glory? is your dream motivated for selfish gain? are you willing to die for your dream to come true? is your dream worthy be heard about and shared to the next generation? will your dream make this world a better place?
if the answer is a NO to any of those questions,
do whatever is necessary and make adjustments to your dreams
so that it becomes a YES =)

i hope and pray that my generation will be a generation of  unselfish dreamers who dream  BIG DREAMS about making this world a better place for our sons and daughters.

"I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live." - Martin Luther King Jr.