Saturday, January 30, 2010

goodbye dear friend.

my car RAN over my laptop today.


i know STUPID right?

i had put my son's skateboard in the car, my sister's bags, my dog (who was in a bag) and a picnic table. i wanted to make sure to put in my laptop bag LAST coz it was the most delicate thing on my "things to bring list".
well, after putting everything in, i totally forgot that my laptop was still out. i started the car, waited for a few minutes and then put my car on reverse.

then i heard a loud CRRRAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!

i KNEW immediately what it was.

i opened it and i knew my laptop had no hope.

=( im SO SAD.

i had written 2 rough draft chapters of my book already.

i had journal entries in there that i haven't printed out.

i had pictures in there since last year that i haven't backed up on my external hard drive.

plus im a single mama who doesnt have the extra $$$ to buy another laptop or any computer for that matter.

i was PISSED off. i was in the car throwing a fit....calling myself stupid, cussing up a storm underneath my breath... wanting SOOOOOO BAD to take back the past 5 minutes so that i could have my laptop again.

then i heard the voice within me say : "you've been writing about not worrying these past few days, why are you so stressed out right now? it's a material's'll be okay. NO STRESS."

*BAM* - struck me right in the heart.

having a foot in your mouth doesn't taste too good. ugggh.

woooooosaaaaaah. breathe. woooooosaaaaaahhh

goodbye dear laptop. it was nice knowing you. thanks for keeping me company during those lonely nights. thanks for letting me use you and abuse you. sorry for not taking care of you the way i should've. if i could turn back time, i would've done so much more to show you how much i care. i will surely miss you. love, your pathetic owner who ran over you with her car. =(