Monday, November 23, 2009

pleasant surprise.

he's been praying for you for a few years now. he specifically has asked for a shih-tzu since he was about 4 and a half. everytime he would make mention of you, i said NO. this year you were #1 on his christmas wishlist. he said if he had a boy dog he'd name it bambam & if he had a girl dog he'd name it pebbles (too much flinstones multi-vitamins i say).

i just laughed and said..."good luck with that...i dont have time or the money to get you that... choose something else...."

i guess God does favor him a bit more than God favors me (the bible says He hears the cry of the fatherless) because i did not even have to buy or adopt came to us on 11.12.09. you walked into our lives suddenly. no one owned you, no one claimed you. you were stinky, your hair was all matted & your right eye looks scary because you have a cataract.... but the first time he saw you, he KNEW he wanted to keep you....we thought you were an old mutt...about to die soon (coz of your eye). we felt bad for you and said we'd take care of you till you died....

that was until i took you to the groomer & the vet.

instead i found out you were probably abused by your previous owner
& something hit your eye that caused you to be blind.

and we found out that you are a young pure-bred shih tzu.

how awesome is that? the exact same thing my son has been praying for, for years now, and you were suddenly given to him....out of nowhere. AND you dont poo or pee in the house (which is GREAT for me...AND i have to exercise everyday to walk you *sigh*).

i really believe you, Mr. BamBam, are God's early Christmas gift to him.... and as long as you stay with us, you will be a constant reminder to my son & i to perservere in prayer & believe God for specific good things, because nothing is impossible for his Daddy. thank you for being paris' boyfriend and coming into our lives. you give us one more reason to celebrate thanksgiving, by giving thanks to the One who is always faithful to answer prayers, the One who gives the secret desires of our heart, the Master in orchestrating the smallest details of our lives.


On December 3rd, I turn 30. Yep, it’s an exciting time for me. And to welcome this new decade of my life, I want to do something different than what I would normally do for my birthdays. I would like to do something that signifies my passion & my dreams--inspire the hopeless and help those who are less fortunate. And since I’m a big party girl, I’m combining my love for partying and love for giving, to feed the homeless in downtown LA.

Last year, through all of your donations for our thanksgiving fundraiser, we were able to raise enough money to feed 150 people and provide them with a thanksgiving meal (turkey sandwich, fruits, drinks & cookies). We were also able to distribute 100 backpacks with wipes, toothbrushes & hand sanitizers and hand out blankets and clothes to keep the homeless warm in the winter.

And because that was such a life changing moment for me and for the others that were there, I want to be able to do it again BUT this time have you experience it with me. On Saturday, December 5th, between 10-2, I’d like to invite you to party it out with me in the streets of downtown Los Angeles to assist the homeless, the crack heads, the prostitutes and the less fortunate and have a chance to feed, clothe & party with them. Sort of what like Jesus did when He turned 30.

So to celebrate my momentous 30th year and in the spirit of the holiday season, I would like to ask you to give for this cause, whatever is in your heart to give (whether $5, $10, $15, $20 or more). I believe that I will be able to raise double the amount of money that we raised last year and feed twice as many people!

Also, if you have any blankets, sweaters/jackets, accessories that you would like to give away to help keep the homeless warm during the winter season, we need that as well! If you’d like to donate, please call me to arrange the best time for you to drop those off. Lastly, if you could contribute your time to help prepare & distribute the food on Saturday, I would really appreciate that too. Please comment/email/twitter/FB msg/text/call/write me if you would like to “RSVP” for my street party.

By doing so, you will be granting me a wonderful birthday wish, as well as helping the less fortunate at the same time. Please help make my birthday wish come true. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

water bottle

today on twitter... i posted this:

"so my bday is coming up in 2weeks & i SOOOO want one of these any1 wanna buy me one?? =]"

well a few minutes after i tweeted this... a friend of mine told me that he was gonna get one for me and one for my friend @nikkinews!

call me pathetic. call me weird. i dont really care. im so giddy. i get to have a team jacob h20 bottle.

and i got it for free!!! thank you my twitter angel for the advanced birthday gift!

*update 11.19 - here it is =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


feeling hot? call THEM!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i LOVE you.

Monday, November 2, 2009


whatta spread.

max's: fried chicken,nilaga, pinakbet,bangus, crispypata,lumpia, palabok,halo-halo!

filipino food = yummy fried cholesterol fattyness


well not hips will be paying the price. LOL