Monday, October 26, 2009


to watch this concert has been a part of my to-do list (wish list) for years...

and last night it was fulfilled...(thanks to my brother in law who hooked me up w/ the tix)

concert was phenomenal.

it was worth EVERY penny.

bono = uh-ma-zing song writer!

black eyed peas opening act was great.

slash surprised everyone by performing sweet child of mine.

this was probably the best semi-praise & worship concert i've ever attended.

bono got 97,000 people + youtube viewers to sing "Amazing Grace" with him.

i believe that was a powerful moment....

i dont care what people think of bono & his religious or political views.

he's probably doing more of God's mandate than the next pastor who talks & preaches about God's love but has never helped the poor, the needy, or the hurting.
paul said: It’s true that some are preaching out of jealousy and rivalry. But others preach about Christ with pure motives. They preach because they love me, for they know I have been appointed to defend the Good News. Those others do not have pure motives as they preach about Christ. They preach with selfish ambition, not sincerely, intending to make my chains more painful to me. But that doesn’t matter. Whether their motives are false or genuine, the message about Christ is being preached either way, so I rejoice. And I will continue to rejoice. [philippians 1:15-18]

as long as Christ is preached.... it's all good baby!

be jealous that you weren't there. coz you missed out. SERIOUSLY!
alien-like stage...

traffic SUCKED...but still... it was worth it

eating dirty dogs while waiting for traffic to subside. YUM!

"Don't say that later will be better
Now you're stuck in a moment
And you can't get out of it

And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if our way should falter
Along the stony pass

And if the night runs over
And if the day won't last
And if your way should falter
Along this stony pass

It's just a moment
This time will pass"