Friday, October 23, 2009


you see all these faces? i see them. in fact i see most of their little pictures every day. some of them i know personally (meaning they are my friends in "real" life)... but most of them i dont. i have no clue who they are, what they really look like, where they are from, where they grew up... BUT the weird thing is... i can tell u a lil bit about each of them & their personality even if i don't know them at all.

you see...i spend a few minutes everyday reading their thoughts, raves, rants, desires, humor, dreams, frustrations, what-to-do's, beliefs, likes, dislikes, etc. etc. they are the people i follow on twitter. the strange thing about this twitter phase i'm in is that i'm normally paranoid and i do not trust strangers.... (ask my closest friends & they will tell you) so the fact that i like twitter is actually WEIRD. but i do. in fact, i can say that i've "found" some really nice, very real, super funny & cool people on twitter (though not all), who i've never met in real life...and some of them i've now welcomed into my facebook world... (because facebook is a lil' bit more "personal" than twitter). they are now who i refer to as "tweetarts" =P

you gotta love the digital world. belonging to an online community has its weirdness but it also has its perks. my "tweetarts"...they actually pray when i ask for prayers, they answer when you have questions, they share their life stories in their blogs, they offer their time to chat when you tweet frustration.... they share your passions (whether its Jesus, food, music, sarcasm, lakers, etc).

though they are strangers... we share common interests that brought us together. some of them i now consider "my online friends". some of these people ask me how i am more than my "real-life" friends do. plus i've found some of the most "real" christians on twitter who are not afraid of sharing their "dirt & ugliness"... and not mask it with an "im fine-hallelujah" front. so authentic. so inspiring. so if you're looking for people to "tweet at"... check out those pretty faces on top... they're a pretty good online community to belong to...

i know i've said this before.... but there are days when i think that blogging, facebook & twitter is from the devil coz it's a major time waster/stealer.... LOL! but this day is not one of them. instead i think of the online community as a wonderful tool to bring strangers & people together from different backgrounds & it gives people a chance to just "be".

i realize that all of us (whatever background, belief, race, sex, age) want to belong. because just like me & everybody else, all of us want to belong & to be heard... some more than others (YES talking about you). we have an innate desire to have relationships & build with other people... there's something in all of us that wants to connect & communicate with others. it's how human beings are wired...because no man is an island. we were made to have relationships. having people around us (whether in real life or online) is vital for our sanity.

what's even more vital is to answer the deep longing in our heart about to WHO belong to. we were made to have a relationship with the One who knows us best. the One who created us. the One in whose arms we always belong to. see no amount of friends, family & online community will take the place of following & belonging to Jesus. coz in Him you're never rejected... you're never alone. in Him we are always "accepted in the Beloved."

so my #followfriday this friday is to check out all my "tweetarts" & i highly suggest you follow Jesus coz He's the best #followfriday recommendation i will ever have.

plus if you follow Him... He will always follow you back =)

tweet tweet. have a great weekend.