Wednesday, July 29, 2009


every year my son celebrates his birthday by having a swimming party (coz his bday is usually one of the hottest days of the year). this year i wanted to do something different instead of just having a "pool party." i was browsing through the e-vites list & saw a "pirate themed" evite & thought to go with that. i thought, hey if anything...i could just tell them to walk the plank and swim.... and that would be an excuse to put a pirate on there.

instead...imagination & nostalgia kicked in... and it brought me back to the 1980's (1985 specifically.) i remember being a kid and wanting to be a goonie really bad. i had let my son watch the movie a couple of years ago... and he really liked it... so i decided to let myself go overboard and have some fun while planning his party =) i drew treasure maps, did a scavenger/treasure hunt list, stuck gold coins & jolly ranchers on our walls to make it seem like it was a treasure filled cave, had the kids look for one-eyed-willy's eye, bought rocky road ice cream, my roommate baked a treasure chest cake, AND ofcourse i dressed up like mama fratelli =). i actually had so much fun planning this party.... this was soooo my party as much as my son's. haha!

(click on link to play goonies theme song for background music: "good enough...for you it's good enough...for me its gooood enooough")

THIS is what happens when you get to live out something that you've wanted to do for over 24 years.....

my roommate and i had dabbed wet tea bags on white paper to give it the
"parchment paper effect" and we burned the side to make it have that torn fee
l to it.
then i had spent one whole night drawing on it & making a list for a scavenger/treasure hunt.
the main thing they needed to find was "one eye'd willy's lost eye ball" =P

for lootbags, chocolates & decorations... i bought a couple of stuff at walmart...
but i mostly bought everything "pirate-y" at the 99cents store...

i had so much choco coins & jolly ranchers that i stuck them to our walls
to make it seem like there were jewels & treasures inside the "cave"

i had told my roommate that i saw a treasure chest cake online
and asked her if she could do it....and SHE DID IT! *yey* my roomie ROCKS

i bought gold coins, jolly ranchers, m&m's, ring pops to use as decoration.
...and NO we did not put any kahlua in the cake. haha!

and OFCOURSE... me in my meanest mama fratelli scowl.

it was soooo much fun watching the kids go on their treasure hunt.... (if you're my friend on FB...i posted the pics up already). it was even more fun schooling the kids about what a goonie was.... teaching them all about rocky road, chunk and the truffle shuffle, cindy lauper, showing them who DATA was and inspiring them to watch classic 80's movies (they NEVER get old).

this year for halloween... they said they all wanna be goonies. that made me happy! i now know that i have done my part in imparting wisdom to this next generation ;) LOL i don't mind dressing like mama F again. coz goonies are good enough!

sooooo who wants to be the fratelli brothers and SLOTH? =]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


nine years ago at exactly this time (8:55 pm)... you came into my life & changed my world forever. my oldest child. right now, my only child. the one who gave me the privilege to have the title called "mommy."

i've blogged a letter for you on your birthday for about 2 years now.... all those blogs mainly look back at the journey i've had to being your mom... but today... i just want to let you know how much i love you... how proud i am of you and how excited i am to watch you grow everyday to be the man God is shaping you to be. you are my angel. and i am extremely humbled that God would trust me to raise a world changer. alabyoo more than yoolabme boogs.

this was lullaby for you when you were a baby:

When I first saw you I already knew
There was something inside of you

Something I thought that I would never find

Angel of mine

I look at you, lookin at me

Now I know why they say the best things are free

Im gonna love you boy you are so fine

Angel of mine

How you changed my world you'll never know

Im different now, you helped me grow

You came into my life sent from above

When I lost all hope you showed me love
m checkin for ya boy you're right on time

Angel of mine

- Angel of Mine - Monica -

i've said this before & i'll say it again...being your mom has taught me so much....

your energy...reminds me to keep on having fun and not be a boring adult.
your hugs...tell me that there is a safe place.
your kisses...makes my soul smile.
your tears...makes my heart break.
your playfulness...keeps me in touch with my inner child.
your hunger for knowledge...challenges me to keep up with the times.
your friendliness...reminds me to see the best in you always do.
your stubbornness...teaches me that i have to be a better role model & practice what i preach.
your child-like & inspires me to believe in the impossible.
your laughter...teaches me that there is more to life than my problems.
your a mirror of my flaws.
your imagination...reminds me to dream big.
your obedience...teaches me that i need to obey the first time with a good heart too.
your me strength to keep on.

the privilege to be your mother is my highest calling.

happy 9th birthday to my wonderful, zany, crazy, awesome son.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

old dogs.

last night (during my sister's birthday) we found out that my mom, before leaving the celebration, had handed my dad the divorce papers. apparently she had filed for it and she is just waiting for him to sign it. my dad said he was more than happy to oblige. he came back into the eating area with a big smile on his pretty sure my mom had left with a smile on her face too or a relief in her heart (either, or). she could now move on with her new lover and he can now look for a new lover himself...and it would be "legal"...and it would not be considered "adultery."

everything is now falling into place for the both of them. this is what they wanted... and now they can finally turn their backs on the 21 years they were together and live a new life separately. far, far apart from each other.

i know it sounds weird.... but i am finally happy for them. i know as a christian, i'm not supposed to say that. i am supposed to "believe" that God will restore and fix this. but in reality, i'd rather Him not... or maybe not at the moment. please don't get me wrong.... i am not cynical about this at all.... you see, as much as i wished to see them try to fix it.... the marriage they had was a horrible marriage from the beginning (with both of them at fault).... we grew up with constant shouting, bickering, nagging, fighting. please don't think that i am dishonoring my parents by saying this. i am just stating the facts that i saw growing up. OF COURSE we had good, loving times together as a family...and those wonderful memories will forever be embedded in my heart. but there were a lot of UGLIES involved during those years... a lot of darkness.... and for me to be able to see them put the ugly past behind and start anew sort of gives me a bit of hope for my parents.... and our whole family as well.

i hope that this new chapter in their life teaches them (and us) a few things:

-that maybe this piece of divorce of paper will teach them that it's okay to be civil and be friends.
-that it will teach the offsprings to properly
pray & wait for the right partner in life....
-maybe it will teach them that it's ok to love one another (even if they're not married anymore)
-that it will teach us children to strengthen our faith in God as our Father...
-maybe it will teach them to appreciate the children that they took for granted, because they couldn't see past their own nose while they were married to each other.
-maybe it will teach us kids to continue to love & forgive & understand that parents are allowed to make mistakes too.
-that maybe this will teach them that it's not all about them....but it's about others too. that it will open their eyes to see that in the process of being selfish while they were married, they've hurt so many other people....and now God is giving them a new chance.....
-maybe they can learn to stop pointing fingers...and take the blame for all the actions.....

maybe maybe maybe.... OR MAYBE NOT.

an old proverb says: its hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

i wonder.....if this paper and this new season will indeed teach them the things they couldn't learn together? or will they both be so set in their ways that they'll just bring the funk they had in their past relationships onto the next ones.

only time will tell....

Monday, July 13, 2009

happy together.

Happy Birthday C.

I started out this blog wanting to write you a letter
to let you know how much i love you...
and to tell you how much i appreciate having you as my sister.
but it ended up being a long letter... waaay too long.
so i erased all of it & decided to keep it simple...
coz i'm sure you already know how i feel about you.
so instead of writing all my thoughts....
i just want to sing this song dedicated especially for you....

"imagine me and you...and you and me......soooo happy togetherrrrr"


alabshooo so so much... happy happy beerday!

love, ate

Saturday, July 11, 2009


these last few months i've been on a blog hiatus. like i said during my previous posts, i knew internally something was going on, though i couldn't figure out exactly what was happening. i had to step away from writing because if i had typed out my thoughts and how i felt with every wave of emotion that hit me, you would think that i was turning schizo! (well, some of you actually think of me that way now).

it was very refreshing to take a step back during my blogging break and take the time to read all my posts from before and let my own personal journey inspire me. its funny how i can recall exactly where i was when i wrote each blog. i remember the emotions i had felt and the very thoughts running through my head while i let my hands type away to do the "talking".

and as i was going through my old posts, i came across a blog i wrote about this time last year called heart in hand. as i re-read this, it really ministered to me and reminded me of why i blogged in the first place. somehow, it struck a chord in me & awoke the desire in me to write again. i found myself fully inspired, wanting to share emotions, the crazy thoughts, the strange experiences that happen in my life...

as i took a look back to see His faithfulness in the past, i found new sense of joy in writing and blogging. as the Ultimate Author continues to unfold each step in this wonderful journey that i call my life... i have found inspiration to be vulnerable once again and "hold my heart in my hand" and share the adventures of my life with you... to help you see that you are not alone ... to let you know that we all go through pain, joy, suffering, happiness and problems... to make you understand that everyone is a lil-bit schizo... including YOU =) and that's what makes celebrating life so much fun.... when we go through the journey together.

so fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen & welcome once again to the crazy thoughts of miss trish. please keep your head back and have fun...because i promise you it's going to be one helluva ride =)