Monday, June 22, 2009


Daniel 1:8 "But Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine...."

i know, i know...i haven't blogged for quite some time. i gotta admit that i got sidetracked with a bunch of things these past 2 months....with working & end of school/sports activities, twitter, NBA & just having God deal with my heart regarding some issues in my life, i really had to stay away from writing coz my emotions were too crazy... but I AM BACK.... and boy do i have A LOT to say. but this time, i'll just cut straight to the chase regarding what i wanna write and explain more about the how's & why's of my "blog sabbatical" in the next few blogs. i will start by saying that i am doing a 21 day study about the book of Daniel so i will be making a lot of references about this book these next 21 days.

anyway, i was reading about daniel, and the first thing that stunned me about this young prophet was how steadfast he was to not defile himself in the midst of living in the most "selfish, power hungry city of his time" - babylon. imagine, being chosen by the king himself to be part of his "crew". the king would teach him all kinds of skills, give him all kinds of gifts. he was promised with a position in the king's court, power, fame and was told that daniel & his friends would be supplied with women, the bling, the choicest foods and an open drink-all-you-can tab in the king's personal bar.

IM SURE that boosted up his ego a lil bit. to be chosen by the king...he was the cream of the crop of the men in Judah. the bible says he was good looking the fact that he was being offered all of that must have atleast fed his ego and his pride quite well. i mean let's face it, daniel was just a man after all....and im sure all those 'offers" sounded very tempting to him.

and yet even with all those temptations, daniel chose to say "NO." in fact he didn't only say no...but he did the opposite of what everyone else was doing and he instead chose to fast and consecrate himself for God. he died to himself and his wants in order to please God. he was steadfast in his faith.

i wonder how many of us can really say the same as daniel did and say "NO" to worldly desires.... that we will choose God over our own personal gain... that we will choose to die to ourselves in order that we may glorify God. i wonder, if a push comes to a shove, and we are offered everything we have ever hoped and dreamed of in life... but we had to sin or sell ourselves & our convictions short to get it.... i wonder how much of the percentage of christians would fall for it and how many would stand strong & choose to honor God instead of selfish gain? i wonder how many would give up their "right to happiness" or their "sense of entitlement" and remain humble in God's eyes by dying to their own wants to set themselves apart to glorify God.

daniel knew what was up. he knew that the riches and things of this world would NEVER satisfy his inner longing. he knew that the only thing in this life worth living for was to set himself apart and please & worship God.

my prayer is that i would be steadfast like daniel, that i would not be blinded by worldly desires, temptation, god-less tings and even "selfish-godly" desires. i pray that my heart would always choose to remain contrite and i would choose the road less traveled, no matter how hard it is, if it means giving glory to my King. i ask that God would give me the grace to live that way all the days of my life...that I would be resolved to be fully soul'd out to the One who gave HIS BEST for me... coz He deserves that and so much more.