Monday, April 13, 2009


dear blog,

i've been cheating on you. please don't get me wrong... i do love you.... you are my baby and everything i have on here is my heart, my soul (and maybe my future book)... and i know that here is where i belong...

but something else has caught my attention. something new, something fun, something exciting...see.... in a few months, i'm probably going to hate myself for schmoozing on another and keeping you all alone here... but right now i'm actually enjoying myself... and i don't know why!?'s not you... it's me. it's all my fault. you did nothing.

oh blog, please don't cry. i do love the time i spend with you. being with you is amazing. i know when i'm with you, it's where God wants me to be... but except for the occasional venting sessions, i feel like everything we talk about is so full of emotions, so intense, that it's hard for me to open up my heart... like when i'm with you i'm always thinking... sometimes, the one liners relieve me of the stress..

yeah i said it..the one liners... the 140 characters or less. yes, i've been cheating on you... and i've been doing it with that ugly blue bird called twitter.

i know...i know... how could i? i'm sorry. i don't mean to hurt you. you know that it's you that i love. and it breaks my heart to see you deserted and alone. you deserve so much more than this... than me. you're always here, ready to receive from me, ready to listen. and yet i've been neglectful.

*weeping & sobbing sound* [background music - chicago's hard for me to say i'm sorry]

you know, sometimes twitter gives me it's scary side... her alter ego, the fail whale. and it's an ugly looking thing. but i can't seem to get enough of it. even if i know that it's just wasting my time.

but i know i need to stop....well maybe... not stop just yet... but maybe you both can share ;)

please take me back blog. please? i cannot live without you.... i know in the long run, you will always be there for me.. and twitter... well it will just probably fly into @aplusk's or @perezhilton's arms more than it will with me. coz it's a slut like that... it just welcome's everyone into its' domain without caring about how others feel.

i'll change blog... i promise, i really will. even if it takes me posting a 140 letter or less mini-blog with a picture daily, just to show you that i still care about you... i'll do whatever it takes.

"please hold me's hard for me to say i'm sorry.... coz after all that we've been through...i will make it up to you... i promise to. and after all that's been said and done... you're just a part of me i can't let goooo."

i love you blog... and i am sorry. please forgive me... and please...please take me back.