Monday, March 2, 2009


consisted of:
  • *seeing an "old" new friend, N...i technically don't know how to explain how we met.
  • *picking up another friend, M, who the new- old friend knew.
  • *picking up one of my favorite couples, D&S, who love daikokuya as much as i.
  • *taking the visitor to our favorite ramen place (ofcourse!!)

  • *teaching at church (hooraaaay - my favorite part!)
  • *seeing another old friend,R, in church that i was surprised to see. (what's up with all the people from the past reconnecting with me?!)
  • *going to portos and eating a cheese roll & potato balls (another must have)
  • *going to santa monica to do the "tourist" stuff...(which was really nice coz i love love going to the beach...saturday was a really nice hot day to go) only in LA do you get a really sunny 80+ degree day while it's snowing & cold everywhere else.

  • *seeing really hot pink shoelaces with pink thunders.
  • *sitting in traffic for about 2 hours and drooling over the BMW x5's fancy-shmancy features. sorry no pics of that....i was busy praying in my head, talking to God about maybe Him possibly giving me another car that had everything computerized just like the x5 ;)
  • *meeting up with brother R & sister C - who was the one who "really" knew the friend N.
  • *going to citywalk to do yet another touristy thing...ate again, had coffee, talked, looked at magnets at the magnets store.its a hannah montana thing ;)

    they've had a shot of tito rolo carrying christian every year for about 4 years now

  • *going to church on sunday with my roomie, B, and my Christian.
  • *eating at panera with some of my favorite peeps. again (though they didn't have the cinnamon crunch which kind of bummed me out).

  • *D&S took Christian bowling, which meant i had a few hours to myself (woooh-saaaaahhh)
  • *did laundry
  • *made home made mocha-lattes with my roomies J&B and walked across the park to sit and talk and enjoyed the nice weather outside.

  • *girl talked, listened to music, especially sappy romantic R&B love songs and became nostalgic the whole night.
i got to eat in all my favorite food places in one weekend, i got to go to the beach and i got to talk, reconnect and chill with friends. next to my tahoe weekend, this has to be one of my favorite weekends so far this year. i think it's mostly coz i got to eat at all my favorite restaurants. ha! :) i hate to say this...but LA has really grown on me after 6.5 years. ahhh i love this city!