Sunday, March 1, 2009


tonight i had spent some time with my roommates exchanging life stories and listening to songs in our computer files. i found myself listening to songs that ranged from house to R&B to christian songs to jazz and i ended up listening to love songs.

yes, i said songs! uggghhh...i HARDLY ever listen to love songs, ever! i think i allowed myself to do so once with my friends R. A. M. coz we were at the office and they had bought me a brian mcknight cd and i listened to it...and i ended up being all gushy and super giddy like they've never seen me before...which was kind of weird coz i wasn't in love with anyone at the time.

i thought that that was just something strange that happened once in a lifetime.... and since i don't really listen to much love songs...and it really hasn't happened since....

...until tonight. stupid love songs. and i ended up being sooo a crazy woman in love with a ghost coz i technically haven't liked anyone romantically in forever! it was even weirder coz i found myself actually singing along each song with a stupid smile on my face. and im not pms-ing either!


this is why a single woman should never ever ever listen to love songs. ever.

now i'm off to sleep with a super big smile on my face that i can't seem to erase. yeeaaaahh...not good! ugghhh.