Sunday, March 8, 2009

to do list.

so inspired by heather's list & and the notes on facebook that ask you to put an "x" on things that you've done...i decided to make a blog about a journal entry i wrote a few years back (& i've been adding onto that entry ever since) regarding things i would like to do before i wear diapers again (hopefully that's not for a long long time).

Let's CELEBRATE LIFE together!
C'est la vie
  • *drive route 66 done 05/08; drive cross country from cali to new york
  • *sky dive
  • *bungee jump
  • *learn to snowboard done 1/09; go down a black diamond
  • *learn to jet ski, water ski and surf
  • *be a certified scuba diver done summer'94; dive in: the philippines, palau, great barrier reef, swim with a turtle & a dolphin, wreck diving, night diving
  • *see a dead person raised back to life :)
  • *spend a whole day in prayer - for real
  • *ride a motorcycle; drive a motorcycle
  • *get slained in the spirit without being touched by anyone 2002
  • *appreciate sports and watch sports games of: cubs @ wrigley field '07, yankees @ yankee stadium, lakers @ staples center4-9-09, dodgers @ dodgers stadium 7/21/09, cardinals
  • *learn how to play golf or tennis
  • *watch saturday night live or a tonight show live
  • *sleep under the stars - batangas, 01
  • *write my will
  • *try to eat: raw sushi; a full plate of raw vegetables with no sauce; isaw, balut, caviar, a medium rare steak
  • *be there to witness my grandchildren's births & enjoy watching them grow up.
  • *learn to play a musical instrument: flute '88-'92
  • *take classes: massage certified '04; knitting, crafts class, cooking classes
  • *learn a 3rd language (spanish)
  • *get ink work - 1st one - dragon , '94 2nd one - christian's name 1/09
  • *study again. get a certificate, diploma and have a masters degree in theology & counseling.
  • *befriend a homeless person
  • *FAST - 7 day water fast; 19 day liquid fast 21 days liquid fast 1/2011, 1 month liquid fast and my ultimate dream 40 days water fast
  • *watch a launch of a space shuttle
  • *be a mentor
  • *ride a hot air balloon, an elephant, a camel, a helicopter, a private plane
  • *ride amtrak to visit local places & other states chicago to st. louis to chicago
  • *ride fast roller coasters
  • *drive a convertible with music blaring so loud the other drivers hate me
  • *drive a 4x4 through thick mud & through a river
  • *own my own house - preferably one with big windows and near the beach
  • *grow a garden
  • *go white water rafting
  • *go camping
  • *stay in pj's the entire day
  • *drive the autobahn
  • *play in the rain; shower underneath a waterfall
  • *go on mission trips - attend an underground church in china, go on a mission trip in africa and india. (preferably with my son one day)
  • *have kids07/00; adopt kids - one boy, one girl (i pray for them already)
  • *adopt a dog - meet bambam 11.14.09
  • *shave hair off and grow it back long
  • *walk a 5k 10/07, run a 5k non-stop; run a half marathon
  • *to watch the ball drop on NYE in New York
  • *to attend the Rose Bowl Parade here in Pasadena 1/2011
  • *to attend the Thanksgiving Parade in New York
  • *to actually make exercise a part of my lifestyle and go back to 110LBS
  • *walk around in a bikini while pregnant
  • *learn how to speak spanish and write in baybayin
  • *learn how to ballroom dance properly
  • *write a blog & write in it religiously'04-'09
  • *write, publish and sell books that have been written in my heart,
  • *get over fear of speaking'08, share my testimony at a women's conferences and preach & teach God's Word
  • *start a single mom's ministry/ women's ministry that will help others know who the TRUTH is...and share hope and healing to people while encouraging them to dream big.
  • i want to preach. to a crowd of one and a crowd of thousands and tell people about my God.
  •  to help spread awareness to abolish human trafficking.
  • TO MEET THESE PEOPLE: oprah, nelson mandela, bono,  angelina jolie, billy graham, joyce meyer, rick & donna shelton12/07, lynette lewis , eileen fabregas, mary malinao, stormie omartian 07/06, jack hayford, my future adopted kids, christine caine, pharrell, common, justin timberlake, brother yun from the heavenly man, francis chan, kobe bryant, michael jordan,
  • to meet fellow bloggers & twitterers: the whittakers, sara,alece, tracee, the hodge clan, bianca juarez, the clayville clan, crystal renaud, anne jackson, and so much more.
  • *to WANT to want to fall in love & get married (have a beach wedding)
  • *and if i meet my husband i want to join the mile high club ;)
  • *watch justin timberlake, madonna, israel hougton, u2 10.26.09 , prince & michael jackson (RIP) in concert

    Los Angeles - Hollyweird and get a close shot with the hollyweird sign, Malibu, Universal Studios Tour, Disneyland, Disney Concert Hall, Tar Pits, LACMA, Hermosa Beach, Santa Monica, Zuma, Venice, Griffith Observatory, Huntington Gardens, Dodger Stadium, LA Country Fair , Runyon Canyon, eat at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffle House , Museum of Tolerance, Kogi BBQ, Pinks, The Stinkin' Rose, Daikokuya
    Santa Barbara
    San Diego - sea world, legoland
    san diego zoo
    San Francisco (golden gate, susalito, muir woods, oyster point park, candlestick park, cow palace, daly city)
    Napa Valley
    Big Bear
    San Jose
    Pismo Beach
    Lake Tahoe


    Arizona'08 - grand canyon, scottsdale
    Colorado - Denver, Aspen
    District of Columbia - Washington DC
    Florida - disneyworld
    Hawaii - Waikiki 09/05, Maui
    Illinois - Chicago '06 & '08
    Indiana '08
    Louisiana - New Orleans
    Maryland - Baltimore (ooh crabcakes YUM)
    Massachusetts - Boston
    Missouri - St Louis, the arch, the Ozarks 12/07; 05/08
    Nevada - Vegas, Reno, Tahoe Side of Nevada, 01/09, Hoover Dam '88
    New Hampshire
    New Jersey
    New Mexico 05/08
    New York
    North Carolina - Raleigh
    North Dakota
    Oklahoma 05/08
    Rhode Island
    South Carolina
    South Dakota - Mt. Rushmore
    Tennessee - Nashville
    Texas - Dallas '88 Austin,
    Washington - Seattle, Forks (yes..the twilight town)
    West Virginia
    Wisconsin - Madison 11/07
    Wyoming - Yellowstone

    boracay - yeah i suck, i haven't been :(
    bohol - chocolate hills
    ilocos norte & sur - laoag, vigan, pagudpud
    cagayan valley - callao cave
    surigao del norte

    canada -
    mexico - cabo
    rio de janerio
    china - the great wall
    africa, egypt - the pyramids, safari, visit tribes and spend a day with orphans
    italy - venice, rome, florence
    france - paris (eiffel tower, louvre), cannes
    bora bora
    germany - experience blocktober :D
    japan - tokyo, mt. fuji
    hong kong
    indonesia - bali
    india - calctutta
    australia - great barrier reef, sydney opera house,
    israel - jerusalem, dead sea, jordan river,
    greece - athens
    spain - ibiza
    thailand - to visit a buddhist monastery
    UK - london

  • *a lover of the classics - the finer things in uber-uber wordly-desire is to one day own a/an/anyone of these: tifanny right hand ring; cartier pasha & a patek phillipe watch; pink flowers rolex datejust watch, start a lladro collection, have a few china collections, a classic car collection of a 59 aston martin db mark III or an Alfa-Romeo 6C Gran Sport (1931) or a vintage benz :D

anybody wanna do anything on this list with me? :)

what about you?!?! what's on your list? :D