Friday, February 13, 2009

dear mr. blockbuster.

dear mr. blockbuster,

today, i promised my son that we would go to you to rent out movies for him as my valentines day gift because tonight, my girlfriends and i decided to get together and throw a movie, munchies & makeover night. he was supposed to sleep over a friend's house but the fam is sick with the flu bug (pls. pray for the rapiers!) and so i thought that maybe keeping him busy with madagascar 2 will keep him entertained so that he won't feel too tortured about staying inside the room while a bunch of women are outside in the living room watching sappy love stories :p

so we go & drive over to you & picked up the madagascar2 dvd and as i stood in front of the counter to pay....i saw the sign: pre-order your twilight dvd!! i gasped...and then frowned and your employee just shook his head coz he knew i was staring at the twilight poster in dismay. i was bummed, coz i really wanted the dvd...but i don't really have enough to make ends meet this month, much less buy an "unpirated dvd"....LOL! soooo my son just looked at me as if to say "let it go mom!" and i did and just sighed.

as i opened my wallet to pay for the dvd rental, i saw a magic gold card shining at me....someone had given a gift card, mr. blockbuster, with your name on it! it was given to me waaay back in december as a bday gift & i forgot all about it - since i don't really watch movies that much. :) it's as if it was waiting in my wallet for a special occasion to happen! i KNEW this was the special occasion.

sooooooo.......u know what i did!!!

woooo-hoooooooooo!!! i am super-dee-duper happy!

this is my valentines day present for me.... to have carlisle in my collection...foreverrrrr! :) thank you mr. blockbuster for random gift cards & for pre-selling twilight. see you again on march 21! i will be there lining up with the countless obsessed teenagers waiting to get my copy! :) advanced happy valentines day!