Wednesday, January 21, 2009

walls come down -day 7 - breakthrough '09.

and the walls came tumbling down - day 7 - breakthrough '09

(uuhmm...sorry this is like 4 days too late...this weekend was quite busy....the 7th day was saturday 1.17.09 and i never really got to blogging coz i got so busy just stuffing myself with food after...joke!)

i can eat again! wooohooo! :) God has been extremely good these past 7 days. His grace was amazing and His love was overwhelming. last saturday's meeting was phenomenal. i wish there were words to describe it...but there aren' i can't really share much of the memory of it...except to say that i had a few walls in my life that came tumbling down. :)

"reverend" leo clark got his preach on' talking about the people in the entertainment industry and how important it is to have integrity! :) and gino mingo sang a really beautiful song to the church that just moved almost everyone to tears. it was a wonderful experience to be able to humble ourselves, pray and seek God well as seek Him even more individually.

God really taught me much lessons this week that i'm hoping i will learn to live it out daily for the rest of my life....much of the lessons i learned was just by watching my son.....and having him inspire me to be a better mom to him and a better daughter to God & a better friend to others.

i'm excited for this year. seems like we are seeing monumental things happen in the first 3 weeks of january already...our church has fasted and prayed for the first time corporately with a lot more members actually praying and fasting this year...that's an answered prayer right there! after praying for years that people would see the importance of a corporate finally happened!! LOL and we had our first african-american inaugurated as president yesterday...and my best friend just made her mind up that she's coming home on march. :) ahhh to watch things unfold is sooo exciting! buuut instead of writing about the meeting......i am just going to show you the fun part...which was breaking my fast.

and i got to break my fast with two of my favorite one of my favorite restuarants here in LA. this hole in the wall restaurant in little tokyo called daikokuya is one of the reasons why i looooove LA (remember my loving it series???). well here are the pics of me stuffing myself with a giant ramen bowl after not eating for 7 days! haha! gotta love it! )

yeah i was that hungry...leave me alone!!! joke...after that bite...i was soooo full i couldn't eat i worked through that bowl the next's worth the $8.50 and the hour of waiting outside! :)

so's to 2009 my friends...the year that anything is a possibility (mark 9:23).