Tuesday, January 13, 2009

day 2 - breakthrough '09

second day of prayer & fasting - breakthrough '09
"till the walls fall down"

(sorry for the late post...this was supposed to be for yesterday)

today i felt a bit tired. i felt like my brain wasn't functioning as well as it should and i just wanted to get into my pajamas, curl up in bed and sleep. but i had to work...so the first option was not possible. but His grace is always sufficient :)

today..i didn't grumble :) woohoo...that's even a harder fast than abstaining from food! it's incredible that my mouth was capable of not grumbling for one day! i hope to be able to do that again tomorrow. :)

at church we had pastor mel ayres from in his presence church speak to us about healing. such a timely word since my son and i are have a sore throat that is evolving to a nasty cough. the word that was shared to us tonight was powerful - people getting healed left and right miraculously! and it was fun to be able to meet people from in his presence church and pray and worship God together as one family.

came home with a lot of energy. thank God for that energy coz Christian couldn't sleep till 4am. his stomach hurt and he had a hard time swallowing. you could say that i had ample time to practice what was preached a few hours before about healing.

truth to ponder for the 2nd day: knowing WHO is in me and what HE is capable of doing (which is everything) so therefore everything is possible tho those who believe....and not forgetting that fact when circumstances show the opposite.