Sunday, January 11, 2009

day 1 breakthrough '09

first day of prayer & fasting - breakthrough '09.

"till the walls fall down"

word to describe my day: grace...abundant grace.

prayed, re-read a book about a super intense intercessor, hung out at church the rest of the afternoon (actually i slept for the most part...doesn't sound too spiritual huh?!.) LOL

pastor dave preached a great message during the earlier service. and during our night service we had fred and raymond and raul share their thoughts & prayers on stage as well.
kicked off our fast at 7pm with Dane and the Victorious Band.
it was awesome....wonderful time of worship as we prayed for our city, church, nation.

the youth on their knees crying out for their high schools, their peers, their generation.


that is my heart cry...that i would pray...that we, the body of Christ, would pray everyday with the same intensity & tenacity as we did show how desperate we are for Him and nothing else but Him.

can't wait for day 2 i'm off to watch my beloved 24 ;) LOL!