Monday, January 26, 2009


you HAVE to read it till the bottom....coz this is a chain-tag-letter...if you don't finish reading will remain ugly for the rest of your life!! LOL

coz Kristin forced me...Here are 25 random things about me in the form of a 3rd person commentary


1. said that she would not stay online past midnight. it's 1:10am. she lies to herself.
2. she just stepped on her roommates cracked & now she's trying to tell herself that she's not fat..
3. she likes eating mc donalds fries with the soft cone ice cream :)
4. she is learning how to eat vegetables...and chino is teaching her how
5. she likes playing pet-society....this is why she's on facebook all the time. she wants a nice pet house.
6. she thinks waaaay too much.
7. she rarely go out shopping for clothes & shoes (she hates shopping!!!)
8. she is trying to be nicer....coz she can be really mean at times...especially if she's annoyed... or amused...or if she's just in a sarcastic mood.
9. even if she tries to be nice...her eyebrows ALWAYS give her away....if it's probably means she's thinking of something sarcastic or mean to say but she's holding it back...coz of random things #8
10. she is going to adopt more babies...
11. she played flute once upon a time...
12. she wants to learn how to preach & teach...anyone wanna show her how???
13. she is insecure about how she writes...
14. she is wanting to dye her hair once again
15. she loves to hear different life stories and she loves loves loves people....even those that push her to the brink of raising her eyebrows (#9)
16. she is amazed at how quick- witted her boy is!
17. she is trying to do the 365days pic journal
18. she is extremely happy that taylor is going to play jacob black and not michael copon!!! *big big smile* (she says sorry to copon & his fans....mike is a good guy...but it would ruin her twilight fascination...i told you she's mean....she is trying....but it's hard to do #8)
19. she loves her's an imperfect church...and it's imperfect because she's there....but she loves it anyway...coz it's her home.
20. she is learning not to be quick to judge...coz she doesn't wanna be judged the same way (hence why she is trying #8)
21. she misses intimate coffee conversations with friends. (anyone wanna have coffee?)
22. she is amazed at how much God puts up with her spoiled, stubborn attitude and still loves her.
23. she loves her roomies. :) work those those abs!! ;) LOL
24. she loves 24 - and jack bauer! and she likes the bad boy look on tony almeda
25. she is trying to pack for her weekend trip....but she doesn't know where to start.

okay i'm done. if you want can do one too. i'm not going to make you do it...but if you don't and i see you and my eyebrows are raised (#9)...don't come near me coz i am probably trying hard to be (#8) because of (#20)!

the curse of the 25-random-facts-chain-letter is broken can be good looking now...coz you finished reading it! yey!! but if i were you....i'd do your own 25 random things...or else...a #9 might come your way!