Tuesday, December 2, 2008

wish come true.

i take the kids to chuck e cheese for my birthday every year. hearing them laugh and seeing them enjoy their childhood gives joy to my heart and that's one of the best gifts i like to receive for my birthday. so i thought that it would be perfect to change it up this year and go to disneyland instead. for the past 4 years, i have been wanting to go back and take my son there. the last time we were there was 2004 and i wanted to take him again this year. january 1, 2008, as i was writing down my goals for the year.... i specifically wrote in my journal that i wanted to go to disneyland for my birthday and spend the day there.

a couple of months ago...i was getting a bit disappointed....coz i knew that as much as i was trying to save for it....my birthday was coming up and my savings wouldn't be enough to go....so i had let the hopes of going to disneyland pass...saying to myself that i will just try to save again for it next year.

then out of nowhere, a friend of mine offered to bring us in for FREE...not only me and my son but also my sister kubie as well. i got to go to disneyland with the 2 people i love the most-est :) i heard them laugh, scream (they rode the tower of terror and california screaming...), laugh again, nag about the long lines and oooh and aaahhhed when the fireworks display came and snow fell (well it was foam haha!)...and in the end they both said..."mom/ate this is your best birthday ever!" ;) that really made me happy!

the name of the fireworks show for the holidays this year is called..."believe in holiday magic". and it was spectacular to watch. and i was so honored to have received this birthday present from God. i don't believe in holiday "magic", but i do believe in the Reason we celebrate the holidays for...and i couldn't help but mutter a thank you over and over again to God for giving me my mini-miracle.
now i know going to disneyland may not seem much of a "miracle" coz thousands of people go there everyday. but to someone who has been praying for it for quite a while....it is an answered prayer. and the fact that i was able to go a couple of days before my birthday and take my sister too... well God had answered the wish that i had and gave above and beyond what i had imagined once again.

it got me thinking...that if God was able to meet this small wish (which is really a want more than a need) and gave beyond what i had expected....then He can do soooo much more for the dreams and desires that i truly believe He has put in my heart. it took me 4 years of praying before i was able to go back...but the wait was worth it...and this time around i didn't have to PAY! haha! nothing like a good free gift that you can enjoy with loved ones!

Lynette Lewis, a motivational speaker, quoted that her life was "different from what she imagined, but better than what she expected." that is one of my most favorite quotes ever because i know it to be true. waiting on God's timing is always worth it. we may not get the answers we want right away...or may not even get the exact answers that we wish for...but His answers are always perfect and will always be better than what we expect...IF we CHOOSE to trust Him and wait on His goodness.

my friends....do you have desires...dreams...prayers that have yet to be answered? don't let the length of time & current situations kill your hope. if He was able to grant me my small wish to go to disneyland...then He is very much able to grant the deepest wishes & desires in your heart as well. in the words of one of my favorite disney characters (with my personal lil' twist to the song):

Have faith in (GOD) and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling thru
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true .

so dream my friends...and i will dream and pray for you & with you.