Sunday, December 7, 2008

favorite things. after writing that heavy blog that i last wrote...i prayed about it and i've found out why it is i felt really heavy in my heart. it was all about the transitions i've been going through for the moment and having my bday, thanksgiving and christmas smack dab in my face, in the middle of family drama, has been pretty hard to deal with. this year's christmas is quite unusual for me since it's the first christmas without traditions. my parents actually don't even want to speak to each other so a "traditional family party" is out of the question and my one sister got married early this year so she's starting her own traditions as well....and my other sister...well she's got a life of her own too.... so i feel like everything is new...and it makes me sad to see that my babiest sister cry coz everything we've been used to has now changed.

sooo earlier today i was listening to christmas carols and i came across the song "My Favorite Things". the chorus says: "When the dog bites When the bee stings When I'm feeling sad I simply remember my favorite things And then I don't feel so bad" and i decided to blog about my favorite things and do a series about it (inspired by ivy's post)...maybe it will help me not feel so bad. sort of like oprah's "favorite things" but instead of giving it away (i wish i could), i will just talk about it and you can go and try it out yourself. i will add my *wishlist* out here as well...its a shameless way of saying if you want to buy it for me...i won't stop you. :D LOL! so here we go....


This is my FAVORITE devotional. classic. timeless. not watered down gospel. if you don't have one then you MUST get a copy for this new year. it's something that you will bound to go back to over and over again.

i bought this devotional 4 years ago...and i absolutely love it. i'm all for the classics...and charles spurgeon does a wondeful job telling people not to sell out for anything else but God (which is what a LOT of people NEEd to hear). it's a separate devotion for the morning (on the left side of the book) and evening devotional (on the right side). i highly suggest this to all of you looking for a good devotional to read this year.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. - DVD SET SEASON 1-10. *wishlist*
i absolutely love this show. i watch only 2 tv shows. (this & 24). when i feel super bad & i find my self wallowing in my pity party... i pop in a friends dvd and it always makes me feel so much better. i had the season almost complete till someone broke into my car & stole i lost everything but season 7. so this whole dvd set has been on my wishlist ever since.


real fans know that part 3 doesn't really count. LOL. By far my most favorite novel/book (coz i don't consider a bible a novel book) ...and my favorite movie of ALL TIME. i memorize it by heart. i read this book the first time nonstop for about 11 hours. yes. addicting. compelling. mafia. murder. violence. family drama. who doesn't love all that? :) plus it's marlon brando and al pacino...where can u go wrong? if you haven't read the book...READ IT. its the only movie that didn't disappoint me when i'd compare it to the book. dvd's were stollen with f.r.i.e.n.d.s. dvd so it's been on my wishlist.


i don't know if one day i'll regret putting these books on my favorite things list coz it's obviously not a classic yet....BUT yes, i'm afraid, although i'm quite hesitant to admit it,....that i've been sucked in and i've been bitten by the vampire craze. LOL. sorry for the puns! i was never a big fan...didn't even have the slightest interest to read or to watch it..i've never even heard of it at all. then i saw the movie the day before my bday (dec. 2) just for curiosity sake..& well, you know what happens to the cat when it gets curious ;)

i borrowed the book from my roomie N and i will have to say that it goes next to my Godfather non-stop book reading record. i finished twilight in 12.5 hours. i had finished book 2 - new moon in maybe 36 hours. hasn't even been a week since i watched the movie and i'm on to book 3. :) Ha! Now please don't get me wrong because I am not saying the book is as good as the Godfather. clearly... it's not. but it's a pretty good read. provides me with enought butterflies in my stomach to keep me turning the pages. thank you once again N.C., i love you for it!

the movie...was okay...since i'm not much of a movie go-er... it didn't really do the book justice. i DON'T recommend that you read these books though IF:

1. IF you're a young girl and you're quite oblivous to the reality of real relationships. there is no guy out there like Edward because he is not real....a woman made him up...naturally he possesses all the right things that a woman please don't go fantasizing of marrying an undead guy one day!
2. IF you're lonely and you wanna get married really bad. for real! it will only make you feel more alone and miserable...and it will make you wish to get married to a vampire.
3. IF you think metrosexuals are good looking & you could find a metrosexual vampire quite fascinating

i don't really fall under number 1 & 2, but i did fall under the number 3 criteria! Haha! no joke. there's something about guys who know how to dress themselves and are clean. my friends know that i like that. but like i said...this character was made up by a naturally she made him clean. :)

so i've just been borrowing these books from N & S....and *hint hint*....i really want my own set...all 4 books! LOL. hardbound please! :P *update 12/15/08: i got it!!*


i love house music...i really do! those who know me the most know that im a freakin' house head....the most soulful, deep, funk, underground house music is what i like the most. and i love to dance to house... it's the only music i prefer to dance to. (i will add the club that i like to go to another time). one of my most favorite dj's is miguel migs... i love house. :)

okay...those are my first set of favorite things...i will continue to list more in the next few days.

hey the song is pretty works....i don't feel so bad anymore :) HOORAY for favorite things!