Tuesday, December 16, 2008

check list.

there's a few more days left before this year ends....

i told myself in the beginning of the year, that i would like to:

1. go to disneyland - CHECK (horraay for free disney)
2. settle down in one place & get a steady job - CHECK (Lala Land is my home & i love my boss)
3. overcome fears & step out in faith - CHECK (i took a fearless speaking class)
4. to move into a nice home - CHECK (hooraaay for awesome beautiful roommates)
5. to start a smallgroup again - CHECK (yey for the wonderful peeps in my group)
5. to take a vacation - CHECK (road trip to chicago & st. louis with rosie, visalia, sta. barbara ;) whoot whoot)
6. to make it a priority to read my bible & spend time with God first thing in the morning - ALMOST CHECK...im getting there...i've been constant so far....hopefully i stick with it.
7. to start exercising again & be healthy.
8. go out on one date (it doesn't have to be romantic...but i would like it to be more than just starbucks) since it's been YEAAARSS since i last went out on a date and had my door opened for me :)

i have 15 more days left.

do you think i'll be able to do numbers 7 & 8 before the year ends??