Tuesday, December 30, 2008

best part-worst part.

im in bed right now trying to figure out how to best sum up 2008. how do you sum up life turning events in one blog? not sure how....coz right now there are so many emotions that have surfaced just trying to remember the whole year...that it's hard for me to even begin to type it out.

my feelings right now remind me of a time when christian was younger & he couldn't really put into words how he felt & what his thoughts were...so when i'd tuck him in bed at night, i would ask him "hey chino, what was the best part & worst part of your day?". it was easier for him to explain what he loved most and what he didn't like at all by summing it up in a sentence or two. that became a daily thing for us....and i really enjoyed that time...

so i will just blab on blog right now...and say which parts of 2008 was the best part and which parts were the worst part...and hopefully this blog will go somewhere in the end.

best part: listening to God when i beleived it was time for me to leave chicago and "go back"...although i didn't know what and where "back" meant, i obeyed and left and it turned out for the best. don't get me wrong...i loved chicago and it was quite an experience for me.... i loved spending time with my cousins there and seeing the twins grow up and watch their monumental experiences like crawling and walking. it was also necessary for me to take time out from LA to be able to see the "bigger picture" of my life....but truly God does know what's in store because when i came back out here...He had a lot of wonderful surprises in for me that i didn't see coming.

worst part: hoping that i would live in st. louis coz it's cheaper to live out there, only to come back to LA and realize that i would have to live in one of the most expensive cities of the world which was not a good thing back then coz i didn't have a job.

best part: going back home to my sisters and church family. nothing compares to being with family. being without them (my parents, sisters & church family) only taught me to cherish them all the more. plus i love getting hugs from my baby sisters.

worst part: going home to a messy family problem with parents headed for splits-ville. terrible terrible thing to go through. you don't really outgrow pain...even if this is my mother's second divorce....the pain was still very real.

best part: my sister getting married last march. i gained a brother-in-law. he is the most awesomest brother and uncle everrrr! and i gained one of my best friends as a "sister in law" too. that package was truly one of my favorite gifts from God this year.

worst part: one of my bestest friends suffered a heart break earlier this year. that broke my heart. the thing about being "kindred spirits" with a certain person is that you can feel their pain. i felt her pain...and i cried a lot for her. and it was one of those questionable "why God?" moments. if there's anyone who didn't deserve that kind of pain i would say it was her. another person i loved also had a heartbreak just recently as well. im hoping '09 brings bigger and better things for them.

best part: random CRAMP times (usually coz of weddings - Cardenas & Novy weddings).

worst part: not a lot of cramp times. :( we had no idea that while we were writing our faith goals for 2008 that when God told us it would be a new season, new beginnings for all of us, it would mean that we would literally end up in different seasons of our lives, thousands of miles apart from each other.

best part: traveling 4,000 miles in 4 days! flying from LA to Chicago with Rosie - introducing her to family there. then getting a u-haul truck and driving it to visit our friend Anna in St. Louis, as well as visiting the awesome church there (my fave church in the world) and making new friends like Tori & Donna...also to get my stuff that was in storage there, then driving STRAIGHT back to Cali 30 hours after that. LOL. that was a crazy fun trip that we will probably never do again! :D but will forever be embeded in my memory as one of the craziest road trips ever!

worst part: the $$$debt$$$ that i fell into just to get all my stuff that i left in storage coz i couldnt take all of it when i flew back to LA in january.

best part: my son making his own decision to get baptized this year.

worst part: my son learning to talk back. :(

best part: God giving me such an awesome job that i've been believing for for the past 6 years that allows me to hang out with my son. i thought only church would allow that. this is truly God given gift and again, one of my most favorite gifts everrrr!

worst part: so many people losing their jobs coz of the economy.

best part: blogging again!

worst part: getting stuck in front of the computer reading other's blogs when i could be doing something more productive. LOL

best part: my best-sister-in-law friend finally got to walk out her dreams after waiting for sooo long by going to mexico to help with a church plant there.

worst part: i now have no "starbucks/after church where do we go?" partner.

best part: moving into a beautiful home with my own room with wondeful roommates J,B,N. this was christian's answered prayer coz he's been praying to move into a place with a pool for years. it was also fun living in a house with 9 other people for 2 months. But God knew i could only take so much of that! ;) LOL

worst part: having been without a bed and a privacy of my own room for almost 6 months.

best part: starting a smallgroup/bible study again. i love being able to be used by God to help others walk into their God-given destiny. its such an awesome privilege.

worst part: coming back to church and seeing loved ones and friends walk away from God or live a half-hearted life for God. it still brings me to tears when i think about it.

best part: recieving a free car again :D whoot whoot. 3x in a row baby.

worst part: now i have to save enough money to fix the brakes and everything else that needs to be fixed for this car that has ran 223,000+ miles. LOL

best part: feeding the homeless for thanksgiving.

worst part:
my lovely lil camera died down on me :(

best part:
twilight - the books and the movie. yes....i said it! dont' hate on me but im a fan-pire! it actually made it to the best part of my year! haha! it gave me the *kilig-butterfly in my stomach* feeling that made me feel all girly. and when you're a single mom trying to provide and raise children by yourself...you forget that you're a girl at times...so it was a good experience for me.

worst part:
i read the books waaay to fast & finished all the books in less than a week. i wish i read it slowly and savored every lil bit of the story instead of rushing through it. blah!

best part: getting over my fear of public speaking by enrolling in a public speaking class.

worst part: drinking medicine that i was allergic to when i was in that class and i started shaking and convulsing in front of my classmates and i had to be carried out of the classroom! LOL

best part: having my sister over with me almost the whole year. seriously, since summer till today, i've had her with me 80% of the time. i love her and i'm glad to have her around coz her and christian love hanging out together.

worst part: when kubie and christian fight. ugghhh...

best part: a "minority" for our future president and a woman ran for president and vice president. times are truly changing.

worst part: the economy. it sucked.

best part: $1.69 a gallon gas prices nowadays

worst part: $4.50 a gallon gas prices middle of '08.

best part: my mom's operation ended up being succesful

worst part: watching my mom turn into a whole new person this year... in a not so good way.

best part: surprised the kids and took them to disneyland for my birthday

worst part: the drama on that entailed on my actual birthday when my parents decided to act like kids and pretend they didnt exist in front of all my friends. you'd think maturity comes with age.

best part: spending the holidays with the people i love the mostest and not getting snowed in for NYE (yep we got snowed in last year in chicago for new years).

so here's a toast to '08 as i welcome the coming new year tonight with a welcoming heart. good and bad memories made '08 an unforgettable year. as i get ready to write my faith goals for '09....i shake off unbelief and decide to dream big for '09. im excited because i know that God knows better and NOTHING is impossible with Him....i trust my future in His hands because it's not the need to know why we go through the pain & trials....but the need to know WHO has our best in mind...and like my friend A says: "God doesn't only know better, He knows best".

I am praying that God will show Himself strong in my behalf (and yours as well) this coming New Year as we grow in Him...being conformed to His image, abounding in His Love, growing in faith, leaning in His grace and lingering in His presence that we might be forever changed because of His overflowing love for us. Have a blessed '09 to you all. I pray for God's overwhelming blessings on you this coming New Year....and I pray that just like with Joseph...that God would turn all your heartbreaks & pain into something glorious & wonderful & life changing...not only for yourself but for others in your sphere of influence as well....and I hope that this new year He takes you beyond what you've imagined was possible and surprises you with a lot of wonderful miracles that you will find yourself saying "i didn't see that coming" this new year...coz He is the God of the impossible indeed :D

Much Love,