Wednesday, November 5, 2008

change starts with us.


EVERYONE seems to be talking about it right now. people don't seem to realize that change is not an easy thing to do. for the most part, it takes sacrifice. it takes time. and it must begin with each individual. since most everyone seems to be "excited about change" is an invitation and an opportunity for YOU, dear reader to help make a change in people's lives.

my friends and i have been trying to put our efforts & ideas together to see what we could do best to reach out and serve the community here in the greater LA area....and we came up with 2 ways to be able to give and share the love to people especially during this holiday season.

FIRST WAY: inspired by what my friend did for her birthday a couple of years ago....This thanksgiving we had decided to chip in our MONEY together to buy food for the homeless here in downtown LA. We are looking for people who are wanting to be involved in this since we can't really afford much. Financial donation would be wonderful, the more money we get, the more sandwiches we can make! If money is a problem, then we are open to accept blankets/sleeping bags/warm clothing/socks.

Please remember that this will not go to any church, organization, whatsoever and it is not tax refundable or deductible. NO HIDDEN AGENDA here...just a heart to love and give. So if you choose to give financially and do not trust me or my friends, then you can come with us to costco to buy the food/drinks. Then Thanksgiving morning, we will all go as a group to downtown LA and give the food away along with blankets & clothes.

SECOND WAY: a dear friend of mine, who is a martial art instructor, has a student who works at build-a-bear. A few of her students and their parents are wanting to do a fundraiser and buy bears to give as gifts to children with cancer this christmas. i'm not quite sure about the schedule yet. tentatively we will be doing this the weekend before christmas. more information will be available regarding this in the coming weeks.

for this we would need either financial donation or for people to go into build-a-bear shop and bring a bear to life, dress it up then donate the bear to us so we can deliver it to the children. if you actually go to the valencia mall store, the money that you will buy your bear with will be used in the fundraiser and will be given to the children's hospital. if you're not from around the LA area and would still like to give, you can order the bear online and have the bear shipped to us.

please comment if you'd like to be involved in any of these and i will forward you my email address so i can give you more details regarding this.

here is our chance to show the beginning of REAL change, by spreading the love and sharing what we have to others who are in the middle of unfortunate circumstances.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi

"'it is more blessed to give than to receive.' - Paul of Tarsus

are you really ready to make that CHANGE?