Friday, November 28, 2008

hope on skid row.

this past thanksgiving morning, we had the privilege of sharing and providing food and clothing to the homeless and the needy here in our own community.

God was so faithful to meet what we needed and give us more than what we expected. i had a heart to help, $10 to give and a prayer to see God's will be done. i shared the vision with my bible study group and close friends. they caught the vision...and it spread to others. i was expecting to raise enough money to feed at least 50 people. instead we were able to feed 150 people with turkey sandwiches, cookies, oranges, capri-suns. and willete, who had done her own fundraiser as well, supplied 100 brand new knapsacks with toothbrushes, wipes, and hand sanitizers. people gave finances, clothes, blankets, socks and volunteered their time to prepare and hand things out. God was faithful to meet every need.

1 full van and 2 full cars drove to san pedro and 7th in downtown los angeles. we saw that these people needed love, needed help, needed hope. and to be an extension of God's love that hour was such a humbling experience. one of the men came up to me and asked me what church or organization we were part of...i said "none...we just wanted to do this for you to know that we care for you and that God loves you." he left with tears in his eyes.

they were touched by the food and things we gave. we were changed by their genuineness and the reality of their situation. seeing that brought hope to me. hope that no matter how "crazy" my situations is (coz it is quite crazy as of the moment)...i don't have it bad at all....and i can always look forward to waking the next day with praise in my heart.

as i was in the hospital visiting my mom, i reflected on that morning...and i remembered once again...that there is more to thanksgiving than getting great deals on black friday...or even making the perfect thanksgiving dinner. being on skid row reminded me that we should be thankful for the important things in warm hugs, family and friends. for beds and a roof over our heads...our health...for simple things that make us smile. because that is what makes life worth it.

"Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:....Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter - when you see the naked, to clothe him, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?" Isaiah 58: 6-7

to those that made this possible...THANK you for being a vessel of hope. this wouldn't have been possible without your generosity and help. let's do this again real soon ;)

like the Starbucks cup says....try to...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thank you so much.

Thank you to those of you who prayed for my mom's operation. I was able to visit her last night and she says she's so thankful to all of you who have prayed or are willing to help her out.

Her operation was a success. They performed a hysterectomy on her and took out a cyst about 8-9cm big, as well as a myoma. I'm not sure about the specific details yet but mom told me that they did find cancer cells in her uterus but it hasn't spread so they were able to take it out. PRAISE GOD!

Our family truly has something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. We would like to say THANK YOU all again for praying. Please continue to pray for her speedy recovery.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

Gobble Gobble!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


in the midst of all the noise....

the noise of problems left and right...
the activity that surrounds the holidays...
the concern of a mom in the hospital...
the need to be a strong single mom - to love, to cook, clean, teach, discipline, provide...
the necessity to be a steadfast support to those who need it...
the sting of loneliness...
the cry of pain for a loved one walking away from their destiny...
the ache of the heart in missing dear friends this holiday season...
the ring of cash registers with my money...
the out cry of protests in my city after the elections...
the commotion of rude holiday shoppers who have forgotten the meaning of Christmas...
the shout within my soul to want to see this world be a better place when it's getting worst...

in the midst of all the noise...
i look for solace...
i search for comfort...
and He comes faithfully, sure and steadfast.

He comes and whispers to me.
He sings soothing songs to pacify me.
He calms me with His warm embrace.
He lavishes His joy on me.
He affirms that He is my strength and my song.
He puts a banner of victory over me.
He fulfills His promise to give me peace in midst of troubles.

In His presence...
All the noises are drowned out...
Everything else becomes a shadow compared to His light...
I bask in silence...
I rest in still waters...
As He quiets me with His love.

Friday, November 14, 2008


i don't watch much tv at television is only on when christian watches the disney channel and all i hear in the background are suite-life-of-hannah-so-raven songs.

the only time i ever will sit still in front of a tv to watch is if i see the occasional f.r.i.e.n.d.s. re-runs and this show.

glad to see that after the hiatus of almost 2 years...i get to see sexy back in action :)

bauer power!

can't wait!
finally, something worth being still for to watch on tv again. i hope season 7 doesn't disappoint.

*thanks to n.c. who introduced me to this show.... i am once again going to be a slave to monday night tv.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

v.s. # 5 - p.m.s.

venting session # 5 - yes i said it - P.M.S. (pre-menstrual syndrome/stress) or P.M.T. (pre-menstrual tension)

those three letters make most women cringe with the thought of it...and men are either terrified or baffled by it. don't you find it amazingly weird that those little things called hormones have the ability to shift your whole personality in one instant? sometimes i wonder why God allowed it to happen.

take me for example. on most days i'm usually emotionally stable, i have a pretty "chill" lifestyle and i love to laugh and take things easy....but once a month...i turn into a whole 'nother person. depending on what the hormone dictates, i can be the softest, most emotional girl on earth or the b*tchiest tiger...or sometimes even both.

a typical PMS day may go like this: i wake up feeling all bloated and fat...maybe some stomach cramps and occasional headaches. i may not want to eat anything coz any smell makes me feel nauseated. but in the middle of the day i find myself eating chocolate chip cookies and a bag of salt and vinegar chips and i still crave some more food after. then after eating all of that...i look at the mirror, have a pity party because i feel fat and i become emotional all over again...

then if someone is brave enough to ask me "why i'm so emotional", i just glare at them ready to pounce at anytime because any other word that is said thereafter by that person will be taken as something that is offensive......even if he/she says the sweetest, nicest things.

doesn't that just freak you out??? i know it freaks me out...and it's happening to me. i think they should rename it to Psychotic Mood Shift or....

* Pass My Shotgun
* Perpetual Munching Spree
* Puffy Mid-Section
* Pimples May Surface
* Provide Me with Sweets
* People Make me Sick
* Pardon My Sobbing
* Pass My Sweatpants
* Pissy Mood Syndrome
* Plainly; Men Suck
* Pack My Stuff
* Potential Murder Suspect
* Pre-Historic Monster Syndrome

women are indeed one of Gods' most beautiful creation. but women who are in "that time" of the month become some what like a picasso painting. beautiful and one of a kind but often misunderstood.

for the men out there...check this video out - PMS survival tips. i hope it helps you out to learn what to do when the monster is unleashed.

for my fellow women, here are tell tale signs to help you understand when we are about to transform from jekyl to hyde:
1. every one else but you has a funky attitude and you can't stand the way they breathe or the way they smile.
2. tylenol/midol/ibuprofen has just become your best friend.
3. chocolate and ice cream has suddenly replaced the top spot as the love of your life.
4. you hate all your clothes. every piece of it except for that soft pajama and that plush robe.
5. you think that the world has plotted a conspiracy against you and you become super paranoid.
6. your defense reflexes are so quick that you could be steven seagal's stunt double.
7. your tear ducts are overflowing and you can't seem to stop it.
8. you feel extraordinarily fat. not just fat...but super duper fat and icky and bloated and mad.
9. nobody understands you. i mean no one at all.
10. a pity party sounds like sooooo much fun.

those are just some tell tale signs. if you have more...then you're more than welcome to share. also ladies, PLEASE do the world a favor and choose from anyone of these FREE signs and stick them on your forehead, on your shirt, on your car window or anywhere for people to see.

make the world a better place and warn others about the coming "wrath" so you can show others how much you care. use these free that you can always say "you warned them" before you bop them on the head.

long live estrogen power!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

he hears.

for 3 years he had prayed for this. he has it recorded in his prayer notebook and his yearly faith goals.

his prayer would say something like "God i pray for a place to live that has a pool"(coz he loves to swim). no profound biblical promises. no strong voices with a sweat drenched forehead. just a simple request to his Dad.

he NEVER got tired of praying that. every day for years....even if mommy didn't have faith for it sometimes. there were days when we were going through the roughest time and we were sleeping in couches when i would cry to him and say... "i don't know if that prayer is ever going to get answered coz i can't afford it right now" and he would always tell me..."mommy all we have to do is wait...He hears us..."

and this year he saw his prayer come to pass.

we moved into a place...with a pool, with 3 jacuzzis around the complex and a park with a play ground right across the street from where we live. so he can choose to swim or go to the park every day, especially when his aunt sleeps over. His Daddy gave him above and beyond what he prayed for.

dipping in the jacuzzi after a long hard day of work is truly wonderful!

Luke 18:15-17 People brought babies to Jesus, hoping he might touch them. When the disciples (people who walked with Jesus ;)..LOL) saw it, they shooed them off. Jesus called them back. "Let these children alone. Don't get between them and me. These children are the kingdom's pride and joy. Mark this: Unless you accept God's kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you'll never get in."(MSG) words in pink mine

i repented when i realized that he had more faith than i. i asked God to forgive me for not having enough faith to believe that He hears and that He was and is capable of turning situations around in an instant, even if the process to get there can take yeeeaars! ;) it made me realize the importance of fanning my child's faith into flame and to never lose having simple faith. it also taught me to purify my heart to choose to believe in God instead of problems, no matter how big problems can mater how long it takes...coz the waiting only makes you treasure things even more when you receive it.

from living in a house - to not having a bed to sleep on - to now living on an answered prayer because of the faith of an 8 year old boy who never stopped believing. God has shown His faithfulness all the way. truly awesome. my son and i are delighted and grateful.

dear friends, are you in a situation where you've been praying for something for quite some time now and He hasn't answered just yet? are you stuck in a rut and it seems like the problems are bigger than God? does it seem like every door has closed and nothing else seems to open?

i KNOW how it feels, trust me. i still am waiting...still am believing for things to happen that i've been praying for for quite a while now....but this time around...i will follow the advice of renowned theologian Mr. Christian when he said "all we have to do is wait mommy....He hears us..."

indeed He does hear us.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

you're probably pinoy.

If any of the following sounds familiar to you, then you're probably Filipino. Admit it, some halo-halo sounds pretty good right about now.

• You answer to "Pssst!!"
• You point with your lips.
• You have relatives whose nicknames consist of repeated syllables like Ling-Ling, Bong-Bong, or Che-Che.
• You have uncles and aunts named Boy, Girlie or Baby.
• In your dining room there's a picture of "Last Supper" - and on either side of it are a giant wooden spoon and fork.
• The furniture in your house is wrapped in plastic or covered in blankets.
• You use shopping bags as garbage bags.
• You have a piano no one plays.
• You keep a tabo in your bathroom.
• You own a barrel man from Baguio.
• You can't resist buying items on sale even if you don't need them.
• You eat with your hands.
• and you cut your meat with a spoon and fork.
• You know a meal isn't a meal unless there's rice.
• There's Spam, Vienna sausage and corned beef in your pantry.
• You eat or have eaten fried spam and eggs with rice for breakfast.
• Whenever friends come over, they ask for "meat rolls" and you know they mean lumpia.
• You greet your elders by touching their hands to your forehead.
• You always kiss your relatives on the cheek whenever you enter or leave the room.
• Your relatives sing karaoke when they come over.
• A party isn't a party unless there's line dancing (who doesn't love the Todo Todo, Chilly Cha Cha and September???)
• You don't get grossed out by balut.
• Your mom puts sugar and hot dogs in her spaghetti.
• Your Lola taught you to gargle with warm salt and ginger water when you have a sore throat.
• You always take your shoes off when you enter a house.
• You know what the "chocolate sauce" in dinuguan is actually made of
• The tissues in your bathroom came from Holiday Inn.
• You "open" and "close" the lights.
• Your friends know what it means to be on Filipino Time.
• You think Christmas season begins in October and ends in January.
• Your second piece of luggage is a balikbayan box.
• You've mastered the art of packing a suitcase to double capacity.
• You've ridden in a tricycle that doesn't require peddling
• You hold your palms together in front of you and say "excuse, excuse" when you pass in between people or in front of the TV.
• Goldilocks is more than a fairy tale character to you.
• You say "prijider" instead of refrigerator
• Your Dad is/was in the Navy or your mom is a nurse or in many cases both.
• You leave a party with more food than you came with.
• You pronounce "v"s as "b"
• You're seen with a boy who's not Filipino and he's automatically your boyfriend and everyone knows about it
• You have Chinese furniture and walls screens in your house
• Your mom or dad came from a family with at least 10 children
• Your parents over exaggerate the time (ex:" hoy gising na ! its almost 12 o clock," when it is really 11:15am)
• You pronounce "f's" as "p's" and "p's" as "f's" eg. pliffing = flipping , pork = fork [or vise versa ]
• Finding relatives at the airport entails scouring the crowd for a bunch of people fussing with a balikbayan box.
• Anyone whose name you can't recall in conversation is referred to as "si ano".
• Somehow there is always room for one more on the motorcycle or tricycle!
• You take off your shoes in the house.
• Your mom tells you to wear your "chanelas" when you go outside.
• You ask your mom what your "ulam" is when shes cooking.
• Your mom likes oriental furniture.
• You can speak one or more: tagalog, illocano, kapangpangan or cebuano
• You can understand either: tagalog, illocana, kapangpangan or cebuano
• You always have sardines in your pantry.
• You've eaten the bird of the balut at least once was
• You know the "Otso-otso".
• If you're not the youngest in the family, you look like your mom.
• You like Kare-Kare.
• Church is a must on Sundays.
• The first thing you offer your guests is food.
• You like the "Black Eyed Peas" because one of the guys is Filipino.
• Taho is Deeeelish!
• You believe its bad to waste food.
• Your mom tells you that its bad luck to sleep with your hair wet.
• You own a "walis ting ting".
• You like ALL of the following: Sinigang, Nilaga, Tilapia, Dinuguan, Pansit, and Lumpia.
• Mango is a dessert.
• You get excited when you see a Filipino on an American channel.
• if you're living abroad, you have family in the philippines that expect you to bring pasalubong that's fancier than anything you even own yourself
• you know that the "white" version of "come here" is palm-up, fingers waving toward the body, but the pinoy version is palm-down, fingers moving toward body in sort of shoveling motion
• You nod backwards to say yes
• You raise your eyebrows to say yes
• You know that Adidas is more than just an athletic company
• You or your parents have a santo nino on the mante and a big wooden rosary hanging on the wall somewhere in the house
• When you know that "dat white one" means a CLEAR object and NOT white at all!
• You can measuring the water for cooking rice with two fingers
• The house you grew up in had a chandelier made of shell (capice)
• Your parents believed in various superstitions: like turning the plates at dinner if someone had to leave; saying "tabi tabi, po


♥ your refrigerator is always full but you cannot find any food that you recognize.
♥ instead of a dowry, you got the whole bill for the wedding and honeymoon.
♥ most of the decorations in your house are made of wicker.
♥ you are expected to be able to read her mind just by watching her eyebrows move up and down and which way her lips are pointed.
♥ all her relatives think your name is Joe.
♥ the instant you are married you have 3000 new close relatives that you can't tell apart.
♥ your house isn't really on fire, but there is a very charred fish right on top of the stove burner.
♥ all the desserts are sticky and all the snacks are salty.
she eats her fruit with giant salt crystals and her fried chicken with ketchup.
♥ even the ketchup tastes weird . . . very weird.
♥ you throw a party and everyone is fighting to chop the leathery skin off a dead pig.
♥ all your kids have 4-5 middle names.*
♥ your in-laws take 10 years to acknowledge your existence and to call you by something other than "that white guy."
♥ you try to call her up on the phone and someone tells you "for a while" and you want to know "for a while, what??"
♥ you are trying to go to sleep and she keeps asking for the comFORT'r, and you ain't got a clue what she's talking about . . .
♥ your first Christmas present is some funny looking baggy see-thru shirt made out of leftover lace doilies.
♥ your phone bills are all international and average 3 hours per call.
♥ she sweeps with something that witches usually fly around on.
♥ her idea of classy, expensive champagne is Asti Spumante
♥ the rice cooker is on 24 hours a day and uses up 50% of your electric and food budget.
♥ on your first trip to the Philippines, you have 18 giant boxes that weigh 1000 pounds each and your "carry on" luggage requires a small forklift truck.
♥ the same luggage is over filled with things that cost an average of 15 cents each like old magazines and M&Ms -- the worst part is when you get off the plane, the same stuff you've been hauling around half way around the world is available in every store in the airport for half the price!
♥ all her pajamas look like they were worn by the Dalai Lama until they got too faded.
♥ the first time she's pregnant you have to go out at 4:00 in the morning looking for some weird type of greasy sausages, green mangoes and bagoong.
♥ You buy a new $500 freezer so she can store 200 pounds of SPAM and CORNED BEEF that was on sale.
♥ everything in your house was bought on sale, even if you don't need it .. as long as it was a "bargain" is all that matters.
♥ she gets really excited by sucking the fat out of pig knees.
♥ your daughter gets her ears pierced when she's 2 minutes old but your sons are not circumcised until they turn 21.
♥ all your postage bills instantly double.
♥ you hire a yaya because your wife thinks you clean mirrors with soap and a sponge and the yaya seems cheaper than a divorce.
♥ the only "white meat" she likes is You, and that's if you're lucky . . .
♥ her favorite sauce is called patis, Americans call it turpentine.
♥ she actually thinks that bowling and golf and billiards are real sports and are more important than baseball and football.
♥ you were married 5 years before she explained to you that "ARAY!" doesn't mean "ooh, baby!"
♥ she prefers bistek to beef steak.
♥ her idea of new upholstery is rinsing the bagoong stains out of the slip covers.
♥ she can eat and talk at the same time, in fact that's her especialty!
♥ her favorite meal is leftovers, her favorite fancy dessert is Jello mold and for something REALLY romantic, she'll offer you a halo-halo with 2 straws.
♥ you still don't know what's the difference between manong and manok.
♥ she and the kids are always saying "Daddy made utot" and you still don't know what it means but they think it's pretty funny.
♥ other than eyebrow raising and lip puckering, her next most expressive form of communication is grunts and pssst's
♥ she goes to the movies just for the AC.
♥ her homeland has more Megamalls than islands.
♥ before every holiday and visit, her sisters fax you a 10 page "bilin" list which says "suggestion only."
♥ your kitchen table has a merry-go-round in the middle.
♥ all the vegetables she buys at the Filipino store look like they were grown at Chernobyl.
♥ your in-law's first visit lasted 5 years.
♥ her friends are named Chinky, Girlie, Boy and Bimbo and you are not allowed to smirk.
♥ her home economics course only taught shopping, eating and siesta; cooking, cleaning and sewing were not electives.
♥ her idea of edifying reading is gossip magazines.
♥ all your place settings has the silverware backwards and there are no knives.
♥ she washes her hair with a bucket and her car with a broom.
♥ she uses an umbrella even if its not raining.
♥ her favorite book (she has 3 copies) is "1001 New Recipes for Pig Parts You Were Gonna Throw Out"
♥ you are the only family in a 200 mile radius with 6 DVD player, 5 televisions.
♥ she's done her best job planning a surprise party for you if she manages not to tell you about it until a week or two before.
♥ she "cleans" her closet by throwing all the crap into your closet.
♥ you are pretty proud of yourself because you think you snagged up for yourself some unique, rare, tropical goddess type until you go to the Philippines and can't tell her apart from anyone else in the whole country (unless she's taller than 5'1", then it's a bit easier).
♥ there's always singing in your house, even when the radio's off.
♥ your own mom, who was lukewarm about your marriage originally, now calls you long talk to your wife, not to you.
♥ your family announces that in the unlikely event of a divorce between you and your wife, she will always have a place to stay, but you better find a new family.
♥ your wife asks to get a job so that you will both have a little extra money, then thanks you for not complaining about having to drive her to work.
♥ your wife has a contagious smile.
♥ you both decide to divide your spare income, and you spend yours on a computer game or a power tool, only to learn that she spent her money buying clothes for you
♥ she might not have had a second pair of shoes growing up, but she's rapidly making up for lost time.
♥ everything in your house is "namebrand".
♥ you have a Western Union "Preferred Customer" card. Really.
♥ you complain when your wife tells you that longaniza is only for breakfast.
♥ you learn to like rice, even plain.
♥ you have a budget.
♥ she may only tell you she loves you once in awhile. But, she shows you that she loves you in everything she does and says.
♥ you go to sleep each night knowing you're the luckiest man in the world.

*You're hot!!! Filipino mixes are the most beautiful mixes out there...think Vanessa Minnillo, Cassie, Enrique Iglesias and lead singer for Pussy Cat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger.
*People can never figure out what your background is
*The first thing people say is "you don't look Filipino"
*You love bibingka, sinigang, adobo and pansit but have no idea how to spell it or make it
*You can only name five famous Filipinos
*You can't speak tagalog but can do a really good impression of it
*You pretend to understand and know the words to the Apl Song from the Black Eyed Peas when it plays at a club
*You knew p*t**g ina mo was a bad word as a child, but never knew what it meant
*The only Filipinos you hang out with are your family
*The only Filipino words you know are bad words or names of foods
*The only way someone can tell that you are Filipino is by the way you eat:you always share your food, you have no problem eating off of other people's plate, you eat with your hands, you always mix your food together and you eat your dessert with or before your meal
*You don't find it at all unusual to eat an entire meal while standing at the dinner table
*You know how to cook rice by measuring it with your fingers-the way your mom/dad taught you it was done back home
*Plain white rice and bologna is a perfect late night snack
*You believe anything found in a can is a delicacy, including sardines, spam and tuna
*It is not unusual to find your parent sleeping on the floor on a towel or mat in any part of the house at any given time
*You thought Lola and Lolo were the first names of your grandparents growing up
*You have an Amercan/Canadian first name and Filipino middle name like Amanda Carmencita or vice versa, Marcelina Kim
*You can tan and freckle at the same time
*As a child, your parent was often mistaken as your nanny or guardian
*You've done a school report on your heritage and had to ask your mom/dad what the Filipino flag looked like
*You haven't quite mastered the pointing with your mouth or the nodding backwards to say yes, but you do understand what it means
*Your family gatherings involved Filipino dishes with "Canadianized" ingredients like fruit salad with Kraft singles slices instead of casa de bolla or fried rice with KFC.
*You know what balut is but never tasted it
*You crave lugaw, longanisa and sinigang when you're sick or pms'ing
*You were told that tiger balm cures everything
*It is not unusual to eat ice cream, fruit salad or a banana with your meal
*You can eat ketchup or banana ketchup with anything
*You understand when your mom/dad says 'he' instead of 'she' and knows whether they are talking to you or your brother.
*As a child, you made tents out of Balikbayan boxes
*You thought all of your uncles had the same Spanish first name, Tito.
*You don't refer to your parents as nanay or tatay but refer to all of your relatives (related or not) as tito, tita, kua or ate.
*Your brother or your father has a picture of Manny Pacquiao somewhere in your house or as a screen saver
*Your napkins are from McDonald's. And your mom/dad has mastered the art of using the same napkin for more than one meal.
*You have a closet or spare room somewhere in your house filled with Filipino handicrafts that relatives have given over the years, like miniature jeepney figurines, wooden forks and spoons, religious artifacts, doilies and plastic fruit
*It drives you nuts when people say " Are you Phlippine?" instead of "Philippino"
*You refer to Filipino women as Filipinas
*Bananas, rice, canned meat and ketchup constitute a complete breafast
*You know that fruit salad is not really fruit salad unless you add condensed milk and cheese
*You have watched at least one Dolphy movie-whether you speak tagalog or not
*You recycle shampoo/conditioner by mixing them together
*Your Lola made lugaw when you were sick
*You ask for spaghetti and hot dogs instead of spaghetti and meatballs
*You love waking up to the smell of fried rice and chomporado for breakfast
*No matter how much patis smells like an old dish rag, you can't eat a meal without it....
*Every time you see your distant relatives, the first words are "Oh, you're so big now!" and you know they're not talking about your height.
*A goodie bag or parting gift after any party is lumpia wrapped in a napkins
*You move out and your parents' housewarming gift is a rice cooker
*You spell Filipino with a Ph

*You know what "rubber shoes, ma'am" means
*You know that SM isn't a kinky name but a mall
*You've eaten at Goldilocks
*You have been "malling" in Landmark
*You were able to bargain down the vendors at Green Hills
*You watched an entire downloaded movie with all of the wrong subtitles through until the credits
*You've seen an entire family and their luggage make its way down the highway on a tricycle
*You survived the traffic in dowtown Quezon City
*You have line danced and sang for all of your distant relatives

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

change starts with us.


EVERYONE seems to be talking about it right now. people don't seem to realize that change is not an easy thing to do. for the most part, it takes sacrifice. it takes time. and it must begin with each individual. since most everyone seems to be "excited about change" is an invitation and an opportunity for YOU, dear reader to help make a change in people's lives.

my friends and i have been trying to put our efforts & ideas together to see what we could do best to reach out and serve the community here in the greater LA area....and we came up with 2 ways to be able to give and share the love to people especially during this holiday season.

FIRST WAY: inspired by what my friend did for her birthday a couple of years ago....This thanksgiving we had decided to chip in our MONEY together to buy food for the homeless here in downtown LA. We are looking for people who are wanting to be involved in this since we can't really afford much. Financial donation would be wonderful, the more money we get, the more sandwiches we can make! If money is a problem, then we are open to accept blankets/sleeping bags/warm clothing/socks.

Please remember that this will not go to any church, organization, whatsoever and it is not tax refundable or deductible. NO HIDDEN AGENDA here...just a heart to love and give. So if you choose to give financially and do not trust me or my friends, then you can come with us to costco to buy the food/drinks. Then Thanksgiving morning, we will all go as a group to downtown LA and give the food away along with blankets & clothes.

SECOND WAY: a dear friend of mine, who is a martial art instructor, has a student who works at build-a-bear. A few of her students and their parents are wanting to do a fundraiser and buy bears to give as gifts to children with cancer this christmas. i'm not quite sure about the schedule yet. tentatively we will be doing this the weekend before christmas. more information will be available regarding this in the coming weeks.

for this we would need either financial donation or for people to go into build-a-bear shop and bring a bear to life, dress it up then donate the bear to us so we can deliver it to the children. if you actually go to the valencia mall store, the money that you will buy your bear with will be used in the fundraiser and will be given to the children's hospital. if you're not from around the LA area and would still like to give, you can order the bear online and have the bear shipped to us.

please comment if you'd like to be involved in any of these and i will forward you my email address so i can give you more details regarding this.

here is our chance to show the beginning of REAL change, by spreading the love and sharing what we have to others who are in the middle of unfortunate circumstances.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi

"'it is more blessed to give than to receive.' - Paul of Tarsus

are you really ready to make that CHANGE?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

he laughs.

Romans 13:1 "For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God". (NLT)

whatever the outcome of election today....God is still in control :) in the Bible, there are many example of great godly leaders and an even greater example ungodly leaders. here are some examples of those leaders.

good leaders such as:

bad leaders such as:

as i was spending time with God this morning, asking Him about this current election (more like worrying about it), He led me to skim through His Word to see the Bible full of different types of leaders and the outcome of their leadership. I saw that nothing was new to Him. everything that is happening now, happened thousands of years ago and HE IS IN CONTROL, whether the ballot and the votations go for or against His Word. the No on prop 8 doesn't scare Him, He's seen it before in sodom, gomorrah and corinth. the No on Prop 4, well He's seen even worst things happened during jeremiah's time when people were eating their own children. don't think that what the society is doing now scares God, coz it doesn't. in fact, psalm 2 even says it makes Him laugh.

Psalm 2: 1 Why are the nations so angry? Why do they waste their time with futile plans? 2 The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together against the Lord and against his anointed one. 3 “Let us break their chains,” they cry, “and free ourselves from slavery to God.” 4 But the One who rules in heaven laughs. You should read what the next few verses talk about, coz the story doesn't end being so funny if people continue to go against His Word.

do not be mistaken, His stand on His Word remains. and He will make sure that whether the leader is godly or not, whether the proposition is voted for or against , His Word will not return to Him empty, but will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it. Isa. 55:11

GOD is in control. He showed me that He is still JEHOVAH ELOHIM - the LORD GOD who reigns and rules the universe. He showed me how FAITHFUL He was and still is, to declare Truth, holiness and purity during the reign of different leaders, whether godly or ungodly. He showed me that even in the midst of ungoldy leaders, God used His people to be the voice of truth in societies that forgot about Him. with pharaoh - He raised up moses; with xerxes - He used esther; with saul - He used David; with herod - He raised our King Jesus.

i know that i know that at this very moment God is rousing up His Children...His Church...His Bride to take back their voices, their stand on His Word no matter who wins or doesn't win this election. i understand that this really is becoming a morality war and in the middle of all the proposition yes and no's, my vote will be to stand on His Word and His values.

this great county is a country that was founded on His Word...and it has become great because of WHO it was founded on, not because of the people that made it that way. if it was just about the people, then we'd be just like any other country out there. don't be mistaken people, pride comes before a fall, so don't think it was because of anything that we did that makes this country so great.

i pray for our next leader - whoever he will be, that he will be a humble man who will heed God's voice and lead this country in the fear and admonition of the Lord. tonight, i will choose to watch the news in peace, knowing that the God that I serve knows what's going on and He's got this election in His hands....coz presidents and leaders come and go but my KING RULES FORVER.

Psalm 2:10 Now then, you kings, act wisely! Be warned, you rulers of the earth! 11 Serve the Lord with reverent fear, and rejoice with trembling. 12 Submit to God’s royal Son, or he will become angry, and you will be destroyed in the midst of all your activities — for his anger flares up in an instant. But what joy for all who take refuge in him!

1Timothy 2: 1 I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. 2 Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity.