Wednesday, October 8, 2008

v.s.#4 - random pimples.

venting session #4

don't you just hate having pimples on random near the hole in the base of your nose or in the middle of your eyes (where the pimple looks like a 3rd eye), or right on the tip of your nose? and most of the time, when you get pimples in those places, it HURTS 10x more than ordinary zits. and what makes it worst, is that when you talk to people, they either:

1. try and pretend that they don't "see" your pimple but you catch their eyes gazing right at the core of the zit, only to zoom their focus back on you when you call their attention.
2. they don't even pretend not to notice....they just STARE at it like the pimple is calling their name.
3. my sisters are the worst...coz they actually tap on the pimple and start laughing right after asking me if it hurts when they do that.

sheeeez. i write this because i have one of those random pimples right now and it's on the outer part of my ear. i feel like my right ear is swollen (but it really isn't) and every time i clean it with a q-tip in the morning, it HURTS like crazy.


disappear stooooopid pimple...please disappear!