Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i have one. i've had it for the past 14 and a half years. i've had this thing on me before the tattoo craze that's going on now, back when it was still considered a bit taboo for christians to have a tattoo. LOL. in fact, it was back when minors were NOT supposed to have a tattoo at all!

i must admit, i didn't know what i was doing back then and got the tattoo for a really stupid reason. i wanted to make my mom mad and had gotten a tribal dragon figuring it would be something that she'd hate. don't get me wrong though, i still like the way it looks and it's quite unique. its' name is "mushu" - just like the dragon in disney's mulan (a dragon that looks like a lizard). :)

i'm really glad that, although i got the tattoo for all the wrong reasons, i wasn't stupid enough to write a "name = i love you forever" or have hello kitty or tweety bird inked on me permanently (yikes). no offense to those of you that have an ex's name or a cartoon on your body.

anyway, right now, i am at a cross road. i don't know whether i should save my money to get it lasered off (which is super expensive) and i probably will not be able to afford it for years... or should i add another tattoo that could possibly "redeem" the meaning/symbol of my old tattoo.

if i do end up getting another tattoo, it would be on a "covered place", since i like it covered so no one can see it. i don't like flashing my tattoo. in fact, if i didn't write this, most people won't even know that i had one, since i don't wear low rider jeans and i cannot wear short shirts for the love of me since i have the trophy of motherhood all over my belly (aka stretchmarks).

here's a few ideas that i've been toying with in my head for the past 3 years regarding my tattoo. maybe you could help me out a bit or give me ideas as to what i should do:
  • my son was born on the year of the dragon (2000) - which could technically "redeem" the dragon symbol, so i was thinking of getting his name translated in chinese and get it tattooed on top of the dragon, but i just found out that i can't get a direct translation of his name (Christian) because his name's translation would read "disciple of Christ" and not christian because that word is not in the chinese vocabulary. i feel bad about this coz i've been thinking of doing this for about 3 years now and it sort of threw me off that i cant get his name translated...unless you know someone who can translate his name for me?!?! :) also, would that be ironic though to have a chinese astrology sign on my body, when technically as a christian, i don't believe in astrology?!?

  • i was also thinking of getting it covered up, but it would result in me getting a BIGGER tattoo and that would be EXPENSIVE and hard to hide. i dunno what to cover it up with yet, maybe you could throw out a few ideas if you have some.

  • i could just write the whole story of the revelation on my back and add a white horse with a man wearing a white robe riding over the dragon and add the lamp posts and the scrolls and those weird creatures that are part eagle/part lion/part something else and then tell people i am a prophet of old and the book of revelation is tattooed on my back. that would FOR SURE be an interesting conversation :)

  • do i just do something completely new and add have a whole collection of tattoos?!?! i could possibly regret having them when i'm 70 and my body is all wrinkly or it might be something that i looove having because it could be my secret life statement hidden from all the world, except for me and God and those closest to me.

  • or do i just leave it alone, let it be and stick with my original mushu?!?

i don't know. im still thinking about it. maybe you could help me sort through my thoughts regarding this issue. i am open to suggestions. feel free to leave comments, tattoo ideas, rebukes, remarks, bible scripture against tattoos, or what have you. maybe what you have to say can shine the light on this specific topic.