Tuesday, October 28, 2008

let it go (part 1).

there was a notice on the white board - it said "we're having a yard sale on sunday 10/26 @ 8am", or something to that effect. we were in the process of packing up our stuff to move into our new house(s) when we all realized that before we moved into our new territories, we HAD to get rid of certain things that we didn't want to bring with us anymore. we had about a week to weed through our room to see what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to let go of. others let go of random knick knacks, old clothes, books, even "trash", but some of had to let go of things that were quite precious and had sentimental value to them. weeding through stuff is no fun. i've moved about 4x this year alone (2008) and everytime i've moved, i thrown stuff away, so i thought to myself, i've mastered the art of it already. NOT! it was still a pain in the a** (butt). to top it off, my back was hurting coz of moving and carrying boxes the wrong way so i just wanted to lay down and rest.

sunday came. i woke up early then went to the yard sale. i thought i would stay there for an hour and go to church for the 11 am service. after all, i had only lived in that house for 2 months, so i didn't really have a lot of stuff to sell, except for random toys and my clothes. someone came within the hour and bought everything i had for $10, so i let them have it.

i was getting ready to leave and say good-bye in my head, when i saw all my friends in the yard helping each other out to sell their "things". i had an a-ha! moment and decided to stay, even if i didn't have a reason to be there. i was so compelled as i watched how we all helped each other sell our things while enjoying each others company. when someone came, we'd not only sell our own things but even push the buyers to buy our friends things as well. we'd even jack up the prices so our friends can make more money. and when one was able to make a sale, we were all happy for each other. having friends in the process of letting go made it easier to watch our "personal things" being taken away. i learned 2 lessons that day that spoke to my heart.

Lesson 1: as hard as it was, we all knew that it was necessary to let go for us to be able to move into a new season of our lives. letting go is not easy. letting go of things we've held on to for so long often can cause us heart break. but most of the time it is necessary in order for us to move forward.

it can be as easy as letting go of old clothes, couches, bookshelves. or it can be as hard as letting go of our dreams, emotions, our prayers, even fears and disappointments. it can be as easy as letting go of a toy or as hard as letting a loved one die. we ALL go through the process of letting things go. in the end, we must be able to hold everything with an open hand, because we don't OWN anything, not even our lives. He can give and He can take away.

LESSON 2: that day, i realized how thankful i was to witness what happened during the yard sale. people who were not related to each other at all, helping each other out, in more ways that one. i just sat there thanking God that He has given us family and friends, who will be with us and help us, especially when we're in the season of pruning. friends who will cheer us on, who will pray for us, believe with us, cry with us, who will help us see the brighter side when all we see are tears welling up in our eyes. having friends in seasons of letting go makes the letting go a little bit easier than going at it alone.

although i missed church that sunday, i'm glad God was faithful enough to meet me where i was and teach me life lessons in the midst of common circumstances. my a-ha moment caused my heart to worship Him even more. i'm so thankful for the grace He has given me to let go of certain things in my life in order for me to be free to move forward. i pray that He will continue to give me the strength and willingness to place everything He has given me at the foot of His cross, to always keep an open hand and never feel entitled and proud. i am also grateful for all my family and friends that He has given me in different seasons of my life who have supported me along the way, never giving up on me and always believing with me and for me.

There are things that we never want to let go of, people we never want to leave behind. But keep in mind that letting go isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning of a new life.
-- Author Unknown

what things do you need to let go of at this season of your life? do you have friends who can help you along the way? i pray that you find the grace and strength to let go of things that weigh you down and that you find friends who can help you move forward in this journey we call life.