Saturday, October 4, 2008

better saturday.

i came from a rehearsal dinner for the wedding that i'm going to be a bridesmaid for. i decided to sleep over my brother in law & sister's house coz their house is closer to the venue and it will save me gas money.

my son ended up asking permission to sleep over his grandmothers house as well, so i let him. it's a saturday night, im alone with nothing to do (wooohooo)! i turn on the TV and lo behold, sleepless in seattle is on TNT (double woooohoooo). it's raining outside, a chilly night here in LA. im in my pajamas, i pulled out a blanket and i'm watching the movie on their nice tv. i'm going to make tea or coffee and just enjoy. perfect.

the first "down" time i've had in weeks (no joke). i couldn't have asked for a better saturday night.