Tuesday, September 23, 2008

people in manila - blood donors needed.

I've had dengue (hemorrhagic) fever twice while i lived in the Philippines. I've had 12 blood transfusions - 6 each time, so i know how this girl feels.

Please...if you have the time and/or the right blood type, donate blood for this lady who has dengue fever. I remember being the recipient of the blood transfusions and how blessed i was that people gave their time and effort to donate blood to help save my life. I am eternally grateful. It's only because of God's mercy and grace and the giving heart of those people that donated blood to me - that I am alive today.

If you can give or if you now of someone that has the same blood type that is willing to give, please message Eauj at his multiply site.


Eauj's Message.

Hello, good-hearted people! My dalaga, aka Mandygurl aka Mandy Marcos is currently confined in Medical City for a possible case of dengue. Her platelet is way below normal and if it keeps dropping below 59, she'll need more blood AB+ for transfusion. To all her friends and "to be" friends, please be kind enough to give her a portion of your lifeblood.

Kindly send me a private message or text me for details/confirmations.

God bless you, all.