Monday, September 15, 2008

new song.

quiet, my soul, be at peace, sit in silence and bask in His love....
though everything is changing all around.
i see people moving, destiny launching,
lives changing, souls dying
some people transitioning for the better,
and yet others for the worst.
i feel my heart cry, in the midst of changing seasons,
for two different reasons.
part of my heart remains overjoyed,
seeing people walk in their dreams,
but part of my heart mourns for the death of passionate lives,
who were once lived for something more,
something bigger than themselves,
succumb to blindness of selfish desires.
i long to be the arms
that will keep those loved ones safe wherever they go,
though i know these arms will only be able to stretch so far.

but i do know of One who's arms are able stretch far and wide,
further than i can reach.
One who will go the distance to make sure
that i and those i love dearly will be alright.
so i run to Him who's arms are strong, and cry on His shoulders,
presenting to Him a heart, filled with different emotions.

and as i sit in stillness, i am consumed by His love.
He takes me back to the different seasons in my life,
and i see His faithfulness every step of the way.
He has orchestrated and ordered my steps,
to make one beautiful symphony that is my life today.
as i listen to the music of my life's experience's,
i stand amazed at His passionate love for me
and to those around me.
He hums in my ear, whispers a love song of assurance,
He cups my heart in His hands, and shows me
that no matter what season i,
or those that i love dearly are walking into,
He will be faithful to make beautiful music
out of the different tapestries
of all the different experiences of our lives.

so i willingly stretch out my arms, surrender and let go,
knowing Who i trust my heart with,
that He will make everything okay.
and as i surrender, i am rest assured
that He will give me a
new song to sing
in this next phase of my life
and all will hear of His faithfulness,
and many will sing and dance along with me
to celebrate the amazing things He's done
and all that He's going to do.
so i put closure to this season,
and i embrace and welcome a new one,
excited to see the surprises i have along the way.
and i will hold His hand, as He takes the lead
and will dance alongside Him to a tune of a different beat.

psalm 40: 3 He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise. many will see what he has done and be amazed. they will put their trust in the Lord.