Friday, August 29, 2008

v.s. # 2 - deafness.

v.s. # 2 - deafness.

yes another venting session about crazy drivers, this time it's about people who drive with their music soooo loud that i can hear the lyrics of the yin yang twins' whisper song, even if the car is 3 lanes away.

the other day, i was sandwiched in between 2 cars with drivers who were deaf. one was listening to a flow rida song and one was listening to some akon song. and i was right smack dab in the middle of that. even worst, i was listening to a really good sermon in 99.5 KTLA & their music was so loud that i couldn't hear my own stereo. (I usally don't listen to sermons on my way home from work, but that day, i don't know what got over me). so back to the story, we were at a stoplight & the one guy on my right looked right across me to the other car driver on my left & turned the volume up even higher. and ofcourse the guy on my left did the same thing. and well, there was me, poor old me. i couldn't really do anything about it coz the A/C in my car isn't working so i just sat there in the middle of this speaker war, as i felt the mixed pulsating beat in my eardrums as i was trying to erase all the dirty lyrics of those 2 rap songs in my head.

why do people need for their songs to be played that loud? don't get me wrong, i appreciate a nice sound system in the car, but only to a certain extent. i think you should keep music to yourself and not share your songs to the rest of the other 8 cars that surround you, coz your music may not be what i was wanting for me to hear, or even my son to hear. unless ofcourse you want me to blast out the 99.5 KTLA sermon i was listening to and share the sermon with you as well :)

so next time you decide to turn your speakers up and play some dirty rap song so that my son can hear the obscene lyrics, remember that i can get outta my car and give you a good butt whoop to teach you to be more sensitive to others out there.

or, i'll probably just play mind games with you and blast my stereo louder & play a really obnoxious spice girls song and sing along with it in my loudest voice...

"stop right now...thank you very much...i need somebody with a human toouucchhh....hey you always on the run, gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fuuuuun!!!" unto others what you want them to do unto you.