Friday, August 22, 2008

v.s. #1: psycho drivers.

venting session I

i didn't really get this much when i lived in the mid-west coz most people there are very chill, but here in LA & especially in the philippines, we have a lot of psycho i dedicate my first venting session to all the psycho-furious-road-rage drivers out there...

so there i was sitting in my car in front of the stop light, waiting for the light to change, really just minding my business, probably singing songs out loud. i see the red light change into green, so i shift my foot from the brake on to the gas pedal when about 2 seconds later BAM - some annoyed person HONKS at me as if shouting at me to tell me to hurry the #*#* up.

my question is: is that really necessary?!?!?! if i sat there for a good 5 seconds longer while chatting it up on my phone, then i'd understand the need to honk. but to honk at me as soon as the light changes?? THAT REALLY ANNOYS ME! honking at me is equivalent to saying "f*** you" in my face.

so what i used to love to do when people did that to me was to drive about 10miles an hour and wait for them to pass me by. and when they pass by with their windows rolled down and their middle finger extended up at me, i just smile at them like nothing happened and step on the gas and drive fast enough to cut them off only to do it all over again :)

but now that im a christian and i'm supposed to practice controlling my anger issues & loving my enemies - i just whisper a soft prayer under my breath, drive behind the crazy driver and calmly wait for the light to change....

and as soon as the light changes...i hooooooooooonk at them & have the time of my life laughing in my car. if anything, at least i got a good laugh out of it.

i may not have anger issues anymore but i'm sure God is still working on the revenge part ;)