Friday, August 29, 2008


since gas has been quite expensive this past month, i decided that the best thing to do to save a little bit of extra money is for christian & i to ride bikes to work. although i live only about a couple of miles away from work (yes, i am lucky), the daily errands & 2-3x a week trips to church which is about 22 miles away one way takes a toll on the wallet, or in my case, dave ramsey gas money budget envelope.

christian received a nice schwinn bike from one of our dear friends from chicago when we were there so he was down for it. but i didn't have a bike & i don't have a budget to buy a new one right now, so i went on a quest to see if i was able to borrow/buy a used bike. thank God sami had an old bike from when she was younger that was just sitting in their bodega and she lent it to me. the bike is a youth bike - just slightly bigger than chino's (LOL), but since i'm quite short, it seems to work out okay. so these past 2 weeks, we have started to take the bike to work & going back home. 4 miles a day - not bad!

i thought i would hate the idea at first, but i really like it now. in fact, it has been such a wonderful time for christian and i and we look forward to doing this every day. its a special time we have together to just laugh over silly things we see on the road :) i'm not much of an athletic "type" so the fact that i do like riding the bike is quite new to me. christian is ecstatic about it coz he loves riding his bike (but he hates the fact that he has to get up earlier). and this "new found transportation" helps me with having a bit of exercise that i really need.

my hand & the handle bars of sami's bike :)

thank God it's quite warm here in LA! we can actually take the bike year round (unless it rains). hurray for driving less & riding more! hurray for spending less on gas & being more healthy!

in the next few months, i will be saving up for a cruiser (something like this that's baby blue with a basket) hopefully i'll have enough money to buy a used one to give to myself as a bday & xmas present.... :)