Monday, July 28, 2008

lose it.

Okay, the time has come for me to be honest with myself and the world. I need to exercise and lose weight.

I know it sounds so cliche but please hear me out before you shake your head in disapproval and chuckle in disbelief. No, this is not some random girly saying, but a real concern.

i used to be really good at this (exercise), especially when i had joined the gym in chicago. i do well when i go to the gym, coz it motivates me since i spend so much. but right now i can't afford to even sign up for the gym, so since i came back here to LA, i haven't really made time for exercise.

it's been 7 months now since i last exercised. yuck :( and no, i'm not obese. but i do know that i'm overweight for my height. and it concerns me more because i lost my gall bladder last 2001, which causes people to pack on pounds even more, because of the lack of production of bile. i feel chest pains from time to time, and i can feel me breathe heavy when i climb the stairs. so sad. so unhealthy. so i know i should keep myself healthy. i know that i am His temple.

so why the delay? because of
laziness. and that is no excuse.

but today is a
new day. and i will shake the laziness off and start taking care of myself.

why? because:
1. i want to be healthy
2. i want to be a good example to my son
3. lower cholesterol, lower chances of heart attacks - which is the #1 killer for women
4. so i can fit in my old clothes
5. so i will be faithful to take care of this body He's given
6. so i can keep up with chino when playing sports with him

and of course i decided to blog about my new decision. my inspiration? paul dario. check out his blogs.

my target weight is between 115 to 120. i was 110 before i had chino and i came back to that even after i had him. then i moved to the states and i never went back that weight again. (darn american food & big servings). i need to lose at least 20lbs. coz i am about 20 lbs over my target weight.

i will now make it a PRIORITY to exercise - atleast 3x or 4x a week. pilates, walking, jogging, dancing - whatever. just as long as i move constantly for 30 minutes or more.

i will do strength training - even if i cant afford the gym. i will do push ups and carry my weight.

i will watch what i eat. i will try to eat more vegetables and less sugar.

i will try my best to stay away from the donut & chocolates & 2nd servings & 3rd servings.

i will keep my coffee down to 2 cups a day at the most.

you, dear reader, i ask: please keep me accountable. check on me. ask me how i'm doing in this area. you can be my internet physical trainer.

i'm hoping that letting the world know will keep me motivated and challenged to keep on.

so here i go.