Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i'm lovin' it - the beginning.

i'm lovin' it - part one.

okay, i've made it pretty clear to almost everyone who has met me that i had NO LOVE for the city that i live in.

LOS ANGELES, a county full of people who aspire mostly to get into the entertainment industry - do that very thing - just act. a lot of people are very superficial. pure vanity. glamour, ghetto, gangsta, gorgeousness all in one place. traffic is everywhere and everything is expensive (especially homes). loud mariachi music at midnight, grafitti, it's clean where the rich people live, but so dirty where "normal" people live. see, i live in the area of LA that is not shown in tv...and i'm sorry to say but it ain't all that at all.

but because i also lived in chicago for 6 months, i've come to realize that none can compare to this city. don't get me wrong - i love the seasons and change of seasons in the mid west but i dread the winter. this land of almost eternal sunshine makes sense as to why people choose to move out here even when it's so expensive. people come here from far & near to pursue a career in acting/film industry/music/waitressing :) ...none of which i have to desire to do. hollyhood - it is a land of dreams.

so why am i here?

the answer to that question i still don't know.

my one guess is because i am a dreamer and i fit in perfe
ctly well with the rest of the dreamers out here. but it's not a film or acting career that i dream about (although i do wish i could sing & get a star one day), but my dream is to love & help people, change cities, the nations and change the world. (in that specific order - world domination of love - just like Jesus did).

so i think He knew what He was doing when He called m
e to go back here. what a better place to be, than to be put right smack dab into the melting pot of all the nations - Lala Land, California.

do i want to be here? nope. but i have been called. and i do know of Him who asked me to be here...so i choose to obey.

even in the deepest part of my heart - obey. stop grumbling and complaining about LA. stop b****ing about the place and embrace it. and be glad that i was called to come back "home".

so i will, ofcourse blog about it. and instead of hatin' on it - i will find reasons on why i love to live here. and i will be posting it up, as a reminder for me - that He has called me here to fulfill His dreams in my heart, so i must embrace it, i must OWN it.

so i'm going to do the "lovin' it" series...posting up pictures, places, experiences, etc. here and there of why i love Los Angeles. i will try new things and also re-discover old places. and i will take YOU along in my journey, so come and experience a new found love for LA with me.


it may not be the biggest church. in fact i will even say that it probably isn't the best church. but it is my home church. i love the building, i love the smell of coffee when i walk in. i love the fact that i know who's kid is running around screaming at the top of his lungs because i know almost everyone there (but there are definitely a lot of new faces). i love that i used to work here and so i know where everything is. i love the location and that there's a starbucks right across the street. but most especially i love the people. beautiful friendships & relationships were made here. we have gone through A LOT. a lot of fun but also a lot of pain. and because of that - we became stronger, we became a family. we have a great leadership, awesome worship & wonderful people who are gifted with so many talents. in fact my whole family goes here - so its like a reunion for us every sunday. and this is where my sister met her husband - so i gained a brother because of this church. (i can write a whole blog about this and i probably will in the near future). so if you find yourself looking for a church & you're in the LA area, you should come visit sometime.

Mostly sunny all year round except for an occasional "rainstorm" (more like drizzle). although in the summer it can get scorching hot, i like this way better than negative 10 degrees winter storms. our winters here are super cold if it's 40 degrees. yes, people pay MUCH to experience the beautiful weather out here in LA.

one word can make hundreds of mouths salivate. if you've never been, i say you MUST. its a cuban restaurant with very very yummy food. everything is oh-so-good here but everybody's favorite the are cheese rolls, potato balls and their cakes. my blog and these pictures will not do it justice. you must try it. oh yeah, anna, portos misses you too. website

it is ofcourse, the happiest place on earth. it makes me feel good to know that it's just "there". i haven't been in over 4 years, but this year i want to take chino once again. i want him to enjoy it now coz he was too young when we first went there. now i must save up for it. hopefully by december we can go.

from hermosa, to zuma, to venice, to malibu and santa monica, i love love love that there are beaches a few minutes away. it is a place of solace for me. a place for fun, laughter, memories. i used to hate the beaches here after growing up in the islands, but after living in the midwest, i'm loving every chance i get to feel the sand between my toes.

okay. that's enough for part one. watch out for parts 2, 3, 4 or however many more i will be putting up here, to serve as a reminder for me that God has put me here in the City of Angels, to live out a part of His dream.

*photos used for this blog are not mine...they were taken from random websites.