Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i want to learn.

i want to learn A LOT of things.

i'm always wanting to learn new stuff. i try to read books, get others to teach me (if others have time to), or go online and see what the world wide web has to offer me.

there are things i would really like to learn, like how to:

  • sew
  • surf
  • photography & editing
  • dj
  • cook new dishes, learn to bake & make cakes
  • play golf
  • i want to learn another language - like spanish or even chinese.

then there are other dreams that are screaming within me

that i'm so hungry to learn about like:

  • how to write better - so I can start on my book.
  • how to speak in public with confidence - i really want to learn how to deliver speeches properly and learn how to preach

  • how to counsel people biblically but also scientifically.
  • how to properly study the bible & put sermons together.

i need to go back to school. I've been wanting to back since 9 years ago, but i can't afford it right now (since i'm putting my son through school). so i guess i just have to do it the old way - through self study.

so to any of you who are reading this, if you have any suggestions on what book i should read, especially within the dreams that i'm wanting to learn, please feel free to leave comments or suggestions regarding books, websites, shows, etc. - whatever steps i need to take so i can slowly but surely attain these dreams of mine.