Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Last night was the very first night that I spent trying to clean out what is going to be my new room. I spent 20 minutes just trying to wipe accumulated dust on the window sill and the rest of the night wiping down walls, vacuuming the carpet and folding my clothes.

I usually think that chores were a bore and cleaning was so time consuming.

But last night...I had so much fun doing them!

we have our own room again ... no more sleeping on sleeping bags in the living room!

I officially "moved in" my stuff yesterday. I have this whole weekend to empty my storage and get rid of all my junk that I dont need. I love it how this weekend is the 4th of July weekend, America's freedom day. Somehow, something in me relates to the freedom part. The freedom that you get in having a room that is yours. I can't wait to move in and taste the freedom....
  • Freedom to lie down on MY bed with MY sheets. I'm very particular about my thread counts. LOL
  • Freedom to leave my bed undone, because it's not a sleeping bag in the middle of the living room.
  • Freedom to have my OWN closet, without sharing with anyone else (yes Christian has his own space to put his clothes in too).
  • Freedom to lock myself in the room if I want to shut out the world.
  • Freedom to pray out loud, read the bible out loud, dance to Gospel songs, and cry if i have to without having to worry if someone will walk in and think I'm weird.
  • Freedom to just be, in my own room.
I would have never been this excited and ecstatic with the thought of having my own room, if it were never taken from me. But it was, amongst many other things. But now that I have this blessing back, I cherish it will all my heart. I've learned that some of the things most people don't care about can be considered another's most prized possessions.

It's a daily reminder to ALWAYS count my blessings big and small
and never take anything for granted.....

coz they'd want what Christian and I have in any given day.