Wednesday, July 9, 2008

fly kicks.

last month a friend of mine had called me saying that she had a gift for my son & that i should pass by the house (where i now live), to go get it. that same week was the week of the NBA finals. needless to say, i got caught up in watching the finals that i didn't pick it up right away.

when i did. i was shocked - and of course i cried like i always do. my son got the nicest pair of shoes ever. she had bought chino the jordan xx3 and a shirt & shorts to go along with it. i was bewildered as to how she found out that he had basketball this summer. apparently chino had invited her & everyone else to watch his basketball games and that's where she got the idea (i think it was divinely inspired).

if you know my son, you know he's just like me - always inviting people - anywhere & everywhere.

in all of my son's *almost* 8 years, he's really only had 6 new pairs of shoes including this and the ever-so-costly heelys. most of his shoes & almost all of his clothes are just hand-me-downs by my nephews or other friends from church.

so you can imagine how ecstatic he was when he opened the box.
fly kicks
. one of the coolest ever.

then he asked me - uhhmm so mommy you think can i dunk now? :)

lol. he didn't & still can't dunk. but he did play basketball better. psychologically, i think it inspired him to do better at his game.

thank God for friends who love blessing others.

those kinds of people inspire me to do better too.