Monday, July 21, 2008


you're eight.

my gosh. i feel like time flies so fast. 8 years a
nd nine months ago, i was this naive person who was ecstatic and scared at the same time about the thought of having you. and knowing full well i was going to be a single mom the very first month you were in my womb, made me even more anxious. who would've known back then that God would bless me with you, one of the most obedient, funniest, sweetest, but oh-so-energetic child on earth. (i'm partly biased coz i'm your mom, but i'm sure anyone who really knows you will say the same thing). sometimes i sit in wonder why God chose me to have the awesome privilege in being your mother. God is so good to me - i'm extremely thankful & grateful for it.

you've grown. growing faster than i want you to.
from keeping me up all night with your colicky nightmares, to being there when you took your first steps using the same walker that i learned to walk in when i was one. from riding your first bike without training wheels at 3 and a half (i was so scared coz you were going so fast!) to teaching you myself to read and add and subtract. and now, you're 8 and entering 3rd grade this next school year.

can i tell you how much i love teaching you while we do home school. it's been 3 years...going on 4. i'm so excited to continue to be your "teacher". you pick things up easily... and on days when i don't pay enough attention, you never fail to remind me that next to God, you are the most important thing that i should concentrate on. thank you for that.

you're smart. very witty and fast with your co
mments. i wonder who you got that from? ;) sometimes i have to watch myself in the way i talk and act, coz i see you're starting to pick up mommy's habits - like being super sarcastic with people - including me.

you already have crushes. in fact a lot of them. and i find it so cute and adorable when you tell me their names and tell me why you think they are pretty. (they are mostly all blond of course - we had it settled when you were 3 that you seem to have a preference for blonds when you stared at denise richards while i was watching tv). at 7, you asked God if one of your specific crushes could be the "one" He wants you to marry. i couldn't help but smile inside, as i taught you the valuable lesson of treating women like sisters. i wonder if i will still find it cute and adorable when you visit me one day with a lady in your hand as you tell me "you've found the right one".

for an 8 year old, you sure started having peach fuzzies early (lil hairs on top of your mouth). you're not as tall as you hope to be, but what you lack in height, you seem to be making up for it in being very agile and quick minded. you loves sports, so much more than i ever thought you would. and you excel in most sports that you try. you play your best with a team and you are never selfish to let others take the spotlight (even if you looove being in the spotlight yourself).

you like chillin' with your friends but you also love hanging out with mine. you seem to have this certain charisma about you - as if God gave you a double portion of the gift He gave me for being a people person & loving being with people. you don't even
need to try hard. your presence around others just makes them want to smile. you love hangin' out with family the mostest, though. kubie seems to be your favorite aunt, even if you do fight a lot.

you are a little warrior, no doubt about that. you like swords and battles and adventures. you try to be the best gentleman that you can be, but also love to fart, do gross or crazy things and do a lot of "boy stuff" - like skipping showers as long as you can, thinking i don't notice it, when i'm actually counting the days that your towel remains dry. but despite the "boyish-ness", you have this sensitivity about you, that i pray i and the rest of the world would learn to have. your pure & tender heart has taught me the important lesson of believing the best in people & situations always. you hardly ever say anything mean... and w
hen you know you're "sinning against God" you are not ashamed to tell me to pray for you and ask forgiveness from Him.

for someone who didn't grow up with an earthly father, i am amazed to see you turn out to be such a wonderful little man. the One who has been your Father since the day you were born, is very faithful to mold and shape you into His image at such a very young age. if there is a Man who you should learn to emulate, it would be Him,
your Daddy Jesus. last year you said you wanted to be a carpenter when you grow up, just like He was. i KNOW He's proud to have a son like you who's wanting to walk in His footsteps. i pray that you never lose the child-like faith, even as you grow older. i only wish that one day, if and when the chance comes that you get to meet your earthly father and their family, you would be the example of showing forgiveness and love, and still see the best in everyone who has chosen to, at this time, not make you an intricate part of their lives.

you have taught me a lot. you're the reason why i love being a mother. my very first ministry. in fact, you know that i want to adopt k
ids if i don't get married...just because i had such a wonderful experience in raising you. i'm only hoping that they will learn to be as loving & as obedient as their "kuya". you want siblings yourself and have been very vocal about it for almost 2 years now. but you've been very patient to wait on God to give you playmates. i admire that you are learning the art of waiting on God at such an early age.

you're 8. there are days when it seems like you need me less and less, as it has been happening these past few months. and i'm trying to be so brave to learn to let go of holding your hand, as you explore your world without me beside you. i have to teach myself to look the other way at times, especially when i know you're about to do things that will hurt you, so that you can learn the necessary lessons that you will need to use for the rest of your life.

thank you for teaching me so many things. your laugh teaches me to be free, your hugs teach me that there still is a safe place in this world. your curiosity teaches me that there is so much more to this world that what i think i know. your adventurous spirit has taught me to go beyond my limits. your love has taught me how to live.

thank you for keeping up with me for the past 8 years. i am so proud of you. i love celebrating your birthdays. it serves as a reminder of how blessed i am to have such a wonderful son. it is an honor to be your mother and i'm looking forward to spending many more wonderful-crazy-funny-love filled years with you.

i love you and happy birthday!