Wednesday, July 9, 2008

blogs from the past

i've done everything i needed to do at work today. yippee! i'm just waiting for my boss to arrive coz without her i cannot do what im supposed to do next.

so i decided to do something productive with my time...

and transfer all my old blogs from xanga written years ago to this site..and my blogger
site. then i will shut my xanga site down.

so the blogs that are from xanga will have the *date* it was written beside its title. i will also put a comment before or after if i feel it's necessary.

i was reading through the old blog. some stories made me smile. some brought me back to the pain. some made me laugh coz i didn't realize how pathetic certain things were. it's funny to see what a roller coaster adventure God has taken me through these past years.

I'm not insane, i promise. i was just going through a lot of mixed emotions :)

sit back, relax and enjoy "the blog from the past" ride.