Tuesday, June 17, 2008

of love and.


Yes...i said it...basketball.

Those of you that know me or have known me for quite some time, know how much I hated basketball with a passion. (Notice...hated..it's past tense). Mind you, it wasn't just the players I hated. It was the game itself. I thought basketball were for wussies who couldn't handle rough play. A simple touch could be called a "foul" and they could get extra points for being "touched the wrong way" LOL.

Don't get me wrong....I'm not much of a sports fan at all, but I do like boxing - so maybe I'm somewhat fascinated by contact sports...the blood, the cuts, the fact that someone actually gets HURT! Growing up watching the 49ers & the A's/Giants in Frisco made me appreciate football and basketball to some degree, but not a whole lot. Again, sports wasn't my "thing".

Now my generation could be called the generation that was in love with Jordan. He was the star back then and the Bulls were the champions. I loathed that team. My cousins who are from Chicago are BULLS lovers. I always said BULLS**T. LOL. Everytime the Bulls played the finals or the championship, I would root for the other team (I wouldn't even be watching the game)...I would just be making a lot of noise...just to piss other people off. I think I've only watched 20 total basketball games in my whole life (9 NBA games - that's including Games 1-5 of this final season; 6 games of Chino and 5 games of Rolo).

So after years of sticking with my ever-so-strong opinions about hating sports, especially basketball, one person had the audacity to "challenge" me to watch the NBA Finals with him this season (Lakers vs. Celtics)...

And that person is my son. Christian. He LOOOOOOVES sports. He has enrolled in Taekwondo, Track & Field, Soccer & Basketball. Guess which sport he fell in love with????

YES....BASKETBALL! (deep inside I wished he liked soccer better). And of all the team he had to root for, it had to be the L.A. LAKERS. I hated the Lakers almost as much as the Bulls, and even though he is cute, you could say that Kobe Bryant was in the same level as Jordan was in my mind - non existent.

Being a person that hates "challenges", I gave in to his challenge and sat down and watched one game. We have a bet, if the Celtics win, I get a 10 minute massage, if the Lakers win, he gets the massage. Again, back to my obnoxious ways of rooting for the other team.

So we sat and watched the first game of this final season - BOSTON VS. LA. My son felt really bad coz the Lakers lost the first game. That's all it took. His sad face. I saw he really cared about watching and didn't want to miss a game...and he really wants the Lakers to win. And as a mom always does towards her children, my heart melted towards the game I hated and a team I didn't care for, all because Christian wanted the Lakers to win so bad. And foor the first time ever, I began cheering for the Lakers. And I would clap for Mr. Arrogant-but-cute Kobe Bryant if he scored. I have watched every finals game. I've gone on NBA.com and Yahoo sports to see what commentators have to say about the game. I've checked on stats, some of the players history and I'm excited to watch Game 6 tonight - Royal colors of purple and gold vs. green eyed monsters. :D

So now, comes the hard part...I have to "come out of the closet" and admit that I actually like basketball now...I watch the game with a passion...I think even more so than Christian. And I have to get the foot out of my big mouth when I said that basketball is for wussies. Because I see that it's not. I apologize.

And so began this wonderous thought journey in my head about.....


I'm a very very opinionated person and for God to use a 7 year old to change my mind about sports...and not just change my mind, but turn me into a convert by the power of his love (i.e. hugs everytime the Lakers score), it's an amazing experience. I am in awe of how wonderful LOVE really is and how it can make you do stuff you never, ever thought you could do.

It reminds me of an experience I had years ago, a love that was lavished on me. Perfect love - when I first found Jesus. It's been years now and truly, everyday with Him is sweeter than the day before. I have done things I never thought I would do. I have changed my mind set and my lifestyle in order to please Him. I don't do it because I have to, I do it because I WANT to. I've tried other things, but nothing can compare to the powerful feeling of real love in my life. And because I've tasted & I've seen the real thing, imitations will never do.

Real love makes you do that - it changes you. You don't go into love to make others change. You become willing to change yourself - for the better. To be open to new things, even new mindsets. I'm glad I found real love. I'm glad to have been able to be a recipient of God's blessing - Him sending an "almost 8 year old boy" into my life to change my life and mindset about a lot of things; in this case - sports and the wonderful fascination of competitiveness.

And with the finals being the way it is: Celtics 3, Lakers 2, it's been said that the Lakers making a comeback to win this season is close to impossible since it's never been done...

I like that word...IMPOSSIBLE. Whenever I hear that...something inside me gets excited. I feel like the dreamer in me awakens the alarm in my head and says "saaay whaaat???" Somehow, because of God's track record in my life, where I've come from & where I am now - IMPOSSIBLE seems to not belong in my life vocabulary.

Who would've thought??? Who woudl've though that God would bring a "lil man" into my life and do the impossible. Patricia now likes sports. Patricia now loves to watch basketball. Patricia cheers for the Lakers. Patricia has the utmost respect for Michael Jordan.

And tonight, whether the Lakers win & take it to game 7 or not (hopefully not the latter), I can say that I'm the real winner...coz I was able to have a good time watching the games with my son - something that he will always look back to & hopefully say "My mommy is cool". And I can truly say that this was a rich experience, because I now am open to new and wonderful things that I've always thought I never would.

Go Lakers!

**By the way, His way of challenging me to watch the game was to look at me with puppy dog eyes, smile and say "Please Mommy, spend some time with me and watch the game, coz even if you don't like it...I do"? Who can say no to that?!?!?**