Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have blogs all over the place. I have blogs posted up in myspace, friendster, xanga,multiply, etc. I even had an old blogger account that had a couple of blogs in there but because it's been too long, I forgot which email I used and couldn't log on to it anymore :(

*yes I even have multiple emails and have forgotten the passwords and secret question to those emails as well*

How sad.

Recently though, I have just been using multiply more. Just coz it's really friendly and easy to use, and well, before there weren't that much people on it. But now, everyone and their grandma is on it too ...And because Ms. Anna has an irresistible power of persuasion....I thought I'd take up the invitation to post my blogs on blogger as well so she can read them....especially for her. (really its just for her).

So I will be posting my blogs here..and I'll make sure to put some of my recent works and the old ones as well...if I can find them...

Hopefully I can get my own website/domain soon. So I can just post it all in one place.

What is it with me and my commitment issues to stick to one thing? LOL. I don't know.