Tuesday, April 3, 2007


i cry.

all weeped out.

no where else to go.

i came to the end of myself.

only to find,

my heart.

to find Him

loving me...

holding me.

I have nothing.

Completely surrendered to the point of unbearable heart pain.

And yet,

peace overflows.

joy takes over.

love supercedes.

He takes me as I am

empty, broken, humble

and showers me with greatness

lavishes me with His grace.

My alabaster box is broken at His feet.

The sounds of my cry fill the room,

My tears wet His feet.

As I worship my Lord through my pain.

Completely Broken

and yet

I've never been so whole

and I can now say I'm ready.

Ready for Hope.

Ready for Joy.

Ready for Peace.

Ready for Faith.


Ready for Love.

from my xanga account: http://www.xanga.com/RiCiAnNe/581529865/item/