Sunday, December 31, 2006

life lessons for Christmas.

For the past 2 years in a row... i've haven't been able to be the one to buy the 1 expensive thing that my son really wants and asks for. Not that buying expensive things is what will satisfy him...coz he gets satisfied with the simplest of things, like people throwing him up in the air or going on a "shopping spree" at the 99c store :) this year though he really really really wanted a Nintendo DS. But he knew it was too expensive for me to but he knew that mommy wasnt getting it for him.

Somehow... being a parent, something in you wants to be able to give to your child exactly what he wants & it breaks your heart if you can't. Don't get me wrong... it's not spoiling him, it's not giving into his whims. It's not even the pleasure that you can get after to be able to give exactly what your child wants. I found what it was this year... and Im glad I have it on video to keep forever :)

Because some people had heard his wish for christmas, a few angels gave me contributions here & there and we got him a Nintendo DS lite. *you know who you angels are ;) thank you* BUT getting the money for the DS was only half of the story. Waking up every morning the next few days after.. going to target, best buy & every other store where they sold it.... excited to buy him his gift...only to find out that it was out of stock in every store and even on line... so there i was waiting...waiting...waiting if they we're going to have in back in stock...WAITING... that was was the killer. I had means...but I had to WAIT to get that nintendo thing.

thank God my sister works at fry's...she called me 2 days before christmas... saying that frys had some in stock that hour & i had to drive there pronto coz they were selling like $1 cheeseburgers. When i got there... they had 2 left and needless to say i went home a happy mom. :)

Soooo Christmas came....and as you'll see in the video below....seeing his big innocent smile as he opened his gift made all the waiting worth it.... that smile gave me satisfaction... it filled my heart with joy...


Somehow in the middle of all this craziness... I caugh a glimpse of my Father's heart.... a two fold perspective in this situation.

Through the eyes of a parent - I would have fought & wrestled for that last nintendo ds if i had to... just for my son - can you imagine how much God will move heaven & earth coz he wants to satisfy us with the desires of our heart & fulfill our dreams? He is the Father who loves to make His children smile. There was a lesson there that He showed me - there was waiting involved... before I was able to give Chino what he was just a toy but he had to wait for years... waiting... waiting... waiting... for what? sometimes for the right time, sometimes for the right resources to get together, mostly because waiting for something makes u appreciate it more when you get it.... just like the guy in the movie "the pursuit of happyness"

He whispered in my heart, you will get your answers... one day... and you will have the biggest smile on your face when you do...coz it will come in a time you didnt expect it to... and I will be right will be right there.... waiting for that BIG SMILE :) and that grateful heart that knows how much you are loved by your Father in Heaven

Through the eyes of the child - Chino just prayed to God for a DS... somehow God had to speak into people's hearts to give contributions and I had to be the one to go through all the craziness in finding the gift. Chino just again waited... not knowing what he was gonna get. He just went through everyday life knowing what he wanted but not sulking if he didnt get it. He didn't have to go through all the stores, he didnt stress over the color of the DS or where to get it or how much it was, He was being what he was... a child... not a worry in the world. He just knew that if he prayed... someday his prayer was going to get answered.'s hard when your 6 year old son shows you how it is to live by faith. Again, God-conversations happened and My Father showed me to be more like Chino - trusting, beleiving, full of faith, no need to fret, worry, or make things live by faith & not by sight. Chino knew that when he prayed... he was heard. Just like I was with Chino - My Father will move heaven & earth to give me the desires of my heart in His time. All i have to do is Pray & Trust & go through my life everyday knowing that He's heard me and one day He will answer :)

oh yeah thanks to all my friends who got me & chino a gift this christmas and a big thanks to all my friends that got me this... i LOOOOOVE it! :)

Chino did give me BLING BLING for christmas (he didnt know it was fake though) - and somehow... i treasure that ring more than I do my real ones... because it came from someone i loooved dearly. he knew what his momma wanted... and he went out of his way to tell his grandma to get mommy a ring :)

Life is good ya'll....don't let circumstances tell you otherwise! 2 Corinthians 5:7
Happy New Year everyone! :)

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