Tuesday, December 14, 2004

insignificant details.

Insignificant details.

Written on December 14, 04 @ 11:31AM

its time for a new blog....actually i have nothing to say but i thought hey...why not write about nothing?! don't you just hate that?!?! when people write about absolutely nothing...then they just add emotions to it...like the way i'm doing now...i mean...its very unlikely that some life changing incident happens everyday...so mostly all the days that pass us will be locked & stored in our memory box & we will forget about them eventually unless in that day we have our "MOMENTS".....so instead of erasing the memory... we choose to blog about our nothings just so that we can recall what happened because honestly that day wasn't even worth remembering at all.....

example: "ahhhhh this day was okay. i was bummed. we didn't do much....blah blah blah" ....

which actually translates to "i'm writing about nothing & i wan't to share my empty day with you"

then we leave comments that really don't mean anything...just so we have something to say...even if what we have to say doesn't need to be said at all....but we enjoy reading the "nothingness" of other people & how much it made their day & we also love leaving comments that mean nothing.

i find it strange...but honestly, it's what makes the nothingness really interesting....it's the way we're so involved in the insignificant details of what happens everyday...its what makes the day significant...how we care so much about the nothings...

i hope you didn't just waste your time reading about nothing??!?!?!?!