Tuesday, October 26, 2004

the "code".

written on October 26, 2004 @ 8:59pm

Don’t you ever wonder why throughout the years there always have been & always will be ostentatious attacks on Christianity & the Deity of Jesus Christ? It’s truly amazing that a single man and his "theories" could mislead 4 million people to question their faith & seek another "truth". What’s sad is a part of those 4 million people are in fact so called "Christians" or people who grew up in Christian homes (whether Catholic, Protestant or the like). What is sadder is that these "Christians" have fallen & crumbled in their faith because they are biblically illiterate & have chosen to believe in a fictional story about Mr. Brown’s incorrect historical research which is full of deception & error rather than reading their Bible to know the Truth.

The atrocity of the conclusions & theories in the book, The Da Vinci Code, has duped so many people into believing the lies that is stated in the book. We can read fictional books from Tolkien, Rowling, Ludlum (etc etc) and never even give a thought that goblins exist or talking, walking trees lurk around somewhere or that Mr. Bourne is really a secret spyt…but when we read a book that incorrectly states that Jesus was a sinner, that God isn’t perfect & that the Bible isn’t true….we are na├»ve enough to presume that the information in the book is true and we buy it like the gullible people we are. Its crazy that one man’s claim to fame has deceived so many people around to question the holiness of Jesus & God. Its even more absurd that we will believe in anything that comes our way just to "put down Jesus". Don't you think its also strange that no other "religion" has ever really been put down more than Christianity has? You will never hear people talk/write about Budhha having a "prostitute" as a wife, Mohammed & his sins, Krishna & her lusts, but when it comes to Jesus, people can blaspheme His name all they want & make up ridiculous stories & we buy it.

Dan Brown’s alleged statements against Christianity & Jesus are in fact absurd. He continues to challenge the irrefutable evidence on the deity of Christ. My friends, there is a fine line between reality & fantasy; fact & fiction. Fiction is exactly what The Da Vinci Code is. How strange it is that Mr. Brown chooses to challenge 2,000 years of history just to make a quick buck & its sad that just because he shuffled a few statements & stories around, so many people are made to think & believe that he has just found a "new revelation" against Christianity. This is not new, after all, this has been happening for the past 2,000 years. Many just like Mr. Brown have come & many have gone, many "best-sellers" have gone up & down the chart, and yet the number one best seller yet continues to be the book which started the controversy in the first place....The Bible.

To those of you who love a challenge, I dare you, to read the Book that started all the controversy. Study & research the Word for yourself to see if infact what Mr. Brown claims in his book is true or not, before concluding the fact that Mr. Brown is a genius. Further, I challenge you who have fallen in faith with Jesus or those who don't know who He is, to ask Him if He really does exist & if He does, ask Him to show Himself strong in your life that you may believe that He does exist. I dare you to try it! Before you make a conclusion, you must hear both sides of the story in order for you not to be biased. Here's a challenge to hear the other side of the story... Jesus' side.

Ask & it will be given...seek & it will be found...knock & the door will open.