Monday, September 27, 2004

the tongue.

written on september 27, 2004 @ 8:39 AM

thought of the day:

"the is a world of is a fire that no man can tame...out of the mouth come blessings & brethren...these things ought not to be..." james 3:5-10

aaah to hold ur tongue when everything inside you wants to scream, cuss & answer back to whoever is getting on your nerves at that just seems so right doesn’t it? but i've realized that it takes a much stronger person to hold your tongue & not say anything stupid at the heat of the moment. yeah...i need to learn to be more hold this darn tongue of mine when I’m in a really bad place...i admit that a stupid person says the first thing that pops into his or her mind...but a prudent person learns to season his or her words with love always...i need to be more prudent...because more often than not…im stupid in that way...i cant control my mouth…but i have to start somewhere & i choose to start today to control the words coming out of my mouth (its so much harder to stop having an attitude problem than to start having one)...

a woman with a quiet & gentle spirit is the kind of woman i want to be after all..

God teach me to control my me to speak love always even in the middle of the greatest problems....its hard but i can always look to you because youu did it on the cross for were persecuted...but you said nothing at all except declare your love for me....i need your help to be that way...because left to myself....i would die...its only you who can help me to say nothing at all when im in my lowest, help me not to grumble and complain & help me to realize how blessed i really am to have what i have in order for me to praise you in all circumstances & to give thanks in everything...even in the midst of trials. In Jesus name...Amen