Thursday, January 15, 2004

about me.

welcome to ricianne(dot)com. [pronounced: ree-shawn]. ricianne is my child-hood nickname. you clicked on this coz you probably wanna know a lil bit about me...and why i think am God's favorite... on to find out.

my personal slogan is: "Jesus loves you, but i'm His favorite!" yep, i actually think it's absolutely true. [okay fine, i think you're His favorite just His favoritest!]. Hey give me a break...moses called himself the most humble man on earth too okay?! ;)

here's random facts about me:
  • i'm @jcravalho1's wife, his crazy half, best friend and partner in crime.
  • i'm @xtianroa's and Karielle's mommy and their number one cheerleader.
  • i'm @bambamroa's master and his favorite person to be with not anymore. john has taken my place.
  • i keeps it real...too real sometimes...i have really low BS tolerance.
  • im an uber-extrovert trying hard to be an introvert.
  • i love my sisters and i have the best girl friends ever.
  • im sometimes sassy and a bit crassy. 
  • i got kicked out of 6 schools in high school. yes 6. to read more of my testimony, you can go here and here.
  • i LOVE telling stories so i guess that makes me a story-teller. a very animated story-teller with my hands swinging all over the place.
  • i like good food. i get giddy over fried chicken, coffee and chocolate.
  • these are my top 6 super powers
  • i believe that i am a force to be reckoned with because i am a daughter of the King. 
  • i like wearing flipflops slippahs and sneakers. i miss wearing boots. i hate wearing heels. 
  • half the time i have no clue what the heck im doing. just ask my husband.
  • the jokes i tell and laugh at are not seminary approved.
  • i love God and i love people
  • i hate eating veggies.
  • the reality is: i'm just a nobody, trusting a big SOMEBODY to tell everybody else about His love. that's it. that's why i do what i do. and i have a lot of fun along the way trying to figure out this beautiful journey called life.
i try my best to see the beauty in everything and everyone God puts along my path. my mission in life is to be used as a vessel of God to share His freedom, hope, joy and love to a hurting world. my dream is to help encourage, equip and empower people [especially His Bride], to live out their God-given dreams and live lives to the fullest potential so they can "go and make disciples of all nations." one of my greatest passion is to be able to be a voice to create awareness about social injustices and do something to help abolish abuse and human trafficking. that...and i love showing people that living a spirit-filled, obedient and godly life is actually crazy fun.

this is why i write. i write because i want the world to know that the God i serve is alive and that He loves His children so much. i write, i teach, i work, i speak, i breathe, i live for an audience of ONE. because i don't want my life to be about me. in the end... i want my life to be all about Him.

hope you enjoy reading about my journey and

have fun getting to know the craziness that is: